Help the environment by making your business greener. Doing this will help towards making your business more efficient by optimising energy use and reducing the size of your carbon footprint on the planet. Searching for ways to improve upon the eco-friendly levels of your company is fairly simple, but here are five cost effective approaches to help you along.

  1. Go Paperless


Going completely paperless may seem like an impossible and daunting task at first, but by eliminating paper use from the workplace, you will instantly be making a huge difference to the environment. Kelly’s Data Storage can store all of your important business data in one place so that everything you need is kept in a safe and secure location. Switching to electronic storage will eliminate your businesses need for paper and you will be able to easily access your critical information 24/7 from anywhere, as long as there is a good internet connection.

  1. Optimise Energy

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Businesses who optimise their use of energy tend to be greener than those who don’t. By simply switching off unused appliances, you will immediately cut costs as you will save on electricity and heating bills. According to www.allbusiness.com, you can get additional assistance with this by contacting your local utility company which offers free energy audits that will “pinpoint areas where you can improve your energy usage.”

  1. Use Alternative Energy Sources


Using alternative forms of energy such as fuel cells or solar power whenever you can will go a long way towards helping your company turn greener. Many companies have set up their very own solar system which they now use as their main source of energy for their business. This often allows them to sell excess power to a local power company in order to receive energy credit. An additional benefit to this is when potential clients or customers see how eco-friendly your business is, it might be enough to persuade them to develop a relationship with your company.

  1. Increase Recycling


Improving upon the amount that your business recycles on a daily basis will greatly enhance the overall environmental friendly aspect of your company. Encourage other employees to recycle their waste by providing them with recycle trash cans which can then be collected at the end of each working day. This helps to improve upon the recycling process within the business whilst keeping the office clean at the same time. Make sure that you carry out sufficient research to learn what items can and cannot be recycled. Once you are aware of this, you will be able to incorporate a regular recycling into the everyday operation and run of your business.

  1. Use Greener Supplies/Products


If you must use paper, make sure it is recycled paper so that once you are done with it, you can simply recycle it again and again. According to www.bizjournals.com the average office disposes of £350 of wasted paper per each employee (per year). This is an exceedingly high amount of waste that is produced on an ongoing basis. Search for greener supplies and products that you can use in your office which will save your business a lot of money and make it that much greener going forward.

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