Located between the entrepreneurial hub of East London and the financial district of the City, the redesigned Alphabeta development rises high to be London’s first cycle-in office space. Tailored predominantly for media and technology companies, employees can cycle directly into the building and continue their journey down a yellow and black striped ramp, leading to a designated area with lockers and changing rooms.


Cycling as means of commute is exponentially gaining popularity and new developments are trying to adopt this emerging. We have been seeing buildings with special cycling lifts, bike workshops, even the ration of one biking space per bedroom, popping up around the world. Some hotels would even allow you to check in while still on your bike. The trend is in direct response of this efficient, and eco-friendly way to get to work, beating the daily traffic and busyness of the roads.


The Alphabeta building comprises of many enclosed offices along with a number of ample break out areas and lounge spaces allowing employees from different companies to mingle and network. The communal areas and work environments are arranged around a central atrium which allows people to gaze all cyclists coming in and out of the building creating a dynamic vibe. In their own words, Studio RHE’s, the architects behind the design, share:

“Key to this is the nine-storey, 750-square-metre glazed atrium, conceived as the dynamic social heart of the building.”


The diversity of tenants occupying the building is reinforced by the two opposite entrances of the building, one facing towards Shoreditch, the other towards the City. The modern building offers many spots for flexible working such as a five meter table on the ground floor with eclectic furniture, reception bar as a casual touch down space, a library and for much deserved after-work play time- a basketball court.




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