Gaining momentum, with continuous growth in popularity, Crowdfunding has become a serious funding machine for startups, looking to procure early rounds of investment. The emerging number if crowdfunding platforms offers startups and new projects a convenient and simple way to gain exposure to a wide audience of investors at a relatively low cost.

With much thought, effort and creativity, some successful crowdfunding campaigns have skyrocketed startups with just an idea into recognized brands, with large customer base, even before shipping their first product.

And who are the stand-outs in this emerging new way of funding? Have a look at our selection for the top 5 campaigns that made it to the crowdfunding hall of fame.



Form 1 by Formlabs
$2,945,885 raised

Form 1by Formlabs is the first high-resolution desktop stereolithography 3D printer. The award-winning devise also offers professional-grade output with intuitive design for easy operation.   The compact machine has a build volume of 125x125x165 mm and can produce objects with layer thickness of 25-200 microns


pebble New_Color-Overview

$10,266,845 raised

Pebble is a digital watch that connects to your smartphone. Crowned as the “new king of smartwatches” Pebble offers great technological properties with a battery life that lasts up to 10 days. It allows you to be connected at all times to your mobile applications and important information in your phone.



Hoodie by Flint and Tinder
$1,053,830 raised

The simple looking sweatshirt by Flint and Tinder grabbed the attention of the crowd with its 10-year guarantee and its consistence of only the finest of materials. The “game-changing” garment is designed with comfort in mind engineered using the best American manufacturing techniques and teams and built to stand the test of time.



Lockitron by Apigy
$2,278,891 raised

Lockitron is a smartphone-enabled keyless-entry device. It can unlock deadbolt locks via remote control, typically a smartphone using Bloothooth Low Energy. The device fits over the lock control mechanism on the inside of a door, and the door can then be unlocked via an app on the phone, or via web page control.



Scanadu Scout
$1,664,375 raised

Scanadu Scout is a scanner, reading vital data about your body, just by placing the small device on the forehead. Results such as body temperature and other valuable data are sent to your smartphone. The device can also give you an insight how different locations, activities, foods, and beverages affect your body.

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