Juggling between meetings, business decisions, research and networking the entrepreneur’s day is a busy bundle of tasks, which effective management relies on well established routine and habits. Here at eOffice, we witness the active daily life of our entrepreneurial community, their passion and clock-full of responsibilities, trying to balance between the demands of work and personal life.

We decided to ask our eOffice startup community what are the most productive daily routines that helps them steer to success and gets their day efficiently organized. Here is the top 5 things productive entrepreneurs do daily.


Follow a daily routine

Establishing and sticking to a daily schedule is of vital importance in order to complete all the planned tasks as well as achieve a healthy balance between personal and professional life. Some of our entrepreneurs admitted to be more productive in the morning so for them an early start is imperative in order to achieve the set goals for the day. Likewise, the night owls of our community get along with their work in the late hours of the day, after everyone in the house is asleep. Establishing a daily routine also helps to prioritize tasks as well as avoid missing an important business or personal event.

Some of our members set a theme for every day, each dedicated to a different segment of the business that needs attention. This helps them focus all their energy and attention to a specific fragment of the business for the whole day.


Look after your wellbeing

Run to work

Most successful people make exercising and taking care of their body a priority, starting the day with new energy and vital charge. Most of the eOffice members have joined the local gyms, or simply run the nearby park after work. We do have the very ambitious bunch that run to and back from work. Exercising keeps your tonus, improves focus and releases stress.


Monitor progress


Most of the entrepreneurs at eOffice also have established the habit to check on their progress a number of times during the day in order to avoid missing important things. It takes only a couple of minutes but helps manage the busy schedule in a more effective way, ticking off the goals achieved for the day. It is important to take the time to evaluate your progress in order to prioritise the remained of your tasks.   Checking on your daily progress also allows busy entrepreneurs to catch their breath and establish clear route for the rest of the day


Think ahead


Our members share that planning for the next day helps them wake up and start on a project at hand. It allows them to create priorities in their schedule for the next day avoiding the accumulation of thoughts for unfinished work. The night before a big meeting is the best time to send an email to everyone with the agenda and objectives, allowing you to put your thought in order and start the following day with clear view for your business aims.


Spend quality time with family and friend


According to a new study published by Harvard Business School, successful people try to prioritize their family life and find more time for their loved ones. The entrepreneurs we asked concur the same. Spending time with the important people in your life helps you recharge, clear your mind and you instantly get reminded of the purpose and what you fight for. Getting out of the office stimulates your imagination and offer endless opportunities for new ideas, something vital for the success of every business.


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