A startup itself, Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and creators find resources to fund their ideas and innovative projects. The crowdfunding platform attracts an enormous global community of over 9 million people from every continent that has either backed or published a project on Kickstarter looking for funding. The platform attracts established and influential artists as well, offering them opportunity to share their new initiatives with enthusiastic backers. In his own words, the famous artist De La Soul shares:

“Kickstarter is one of those platforms that gives you space to work with people who know you, love you and support you.” – De La Soul


Such an impactful platform needs an impactful office space, doesn’t it? The Kickstarter team of 116 people has just moved to a brand new headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. Occupying one of the Greenpoint’s landmarked pencil factories offers a unique, multi-functional environment for thrive of the brand and the culture of the company.


The total area of the renovated space is 29,000sq feet offers high ceiling office space, library, theatre and even a habitable green roof. The new glass courtyard provides natural sun light into all levels of the interior. The open plan space features craftsman-designed woodwork and various fixtures from local artists.


The raw, industrial feel and look of the space doesn’t correspond to the typical startup office ambiance. The bright green logo is barely apparent, suggesting a neutral platform for creation and growth – the core value of Kickstarter. The space offers several spots for working as well as team meeting. A wooden staircase is also converted into seating area with comfy cushions, offering an informal meeting area for new ideas to be born.





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