eOffice Pitch

With so many exciting companies under the same roof we decided it is time to organize yet another eOffice Pitch, offering our community the stage to share the innovative projects they are working on. With a great portion of valuable networking and exchange of ideas and contacts the event brought together members from four of our centres in Central London. Award winning, innovative and disruptive, here are the companies, sharing about their work at the eOffice Pitch:


eOffice Pitch Cyclehoop


Cyclehoop comprises of award winning designers and architects specialising in innovative cycle parking infrastructure, offering a complete range of services from planning and design to installation. Cyclehoop help to provide functional and secure cycle parking for large and small organizations and entities, including local authorities, schools, universities, commercial and residential buildings throughout the UK and internationally.


eOffice PItch Silobreaker


Silobreaker is an online tool that takes a more holistic approach to intelligence based on findings in news, blogs, feeds and social media. It helps you see the big picture as well as understand, map, analyze and report key findings from an ever-changing world, to capture the opportunities inherent in the data flow, rather than being constrained by information overload. Ranked as one of the World’s hottest security companies, Silobreaker is a virtual Open Source Intelligence centre that focuses exclusively on the public information found in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, TV broadcasts, web sites, and wikis.


eOffice Pitch Wistla


Wistla is a fun and simple app inviting you to SHARE, DISCOVER and JOIN IN what people are doing around you. Through their unique digital shoutout, the Wistl, you can share the fun things you’re getting up to; and invite the world to come along. This location-based app will show you exciting events, gatherings and meetups around you, allowing you to instantly interact with the people attending through an integrated chat. Join other Wistlers’ adventures or wistl your own.


eOffice Pitch xRapid


xRapid diagnoses malaria automatically using an iPhone. It provides extremely accurate qualitative and quantitative diagnostic results either in the laboratory or in the field.
xRapid is faster, cheaper and more stable than any other test on the market. Through the automated analysis of the traditional thick and thin film slides used in optical microscopy, it combines the quality assurance and accuracy of a laboratory microscope test with the accessibility and speed of rapid diagnostic tests, all at a significantly lower cost than either. 


eOffice Pitch AngelsCube


AngelsCube is a startup studio and innovative investment platform targeted at private investors and focusing on early stage technology companies. They are looking at further developing and sizing up a number of startups in parallel, making them ready for the next big venture of their growth. With weekly screenings of prominent companies, AngelsCube is building a strong portfolio of innovative startups, bringing the next big disruptive service or product on the market.


eOffice Pitch Trilogy Technology

Trilogy Technologies

Awarded Managed Services Company of the Year 2015, Trilogy Technologies provides proactive and reliable IT support to businesses from their IT support centres located in London and Dublin. They are experienced in providing companies with managed IT services and infrastructure solutions to help you transform and innovate your IT function.

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