On the surface of things, getting the best out of your staff and having the maximum impact on clients seems like something that is done with the use of good business skills and management technique.

Of course, this is definitely the case – with the right skills and business knowledge, you can run a tight ship, but even the most experienced business head might not have thought about the effects a uniquely styled office can have on their empire.

Something that pops up every now and then on Facebook and Twitter is a story on a website like Buzzfeed, showing just how incredible the headquarters of Google are, with all their slides, sweet shops and massage pods. With luxuries and privileges like that, it’s clear to see how Google keep their staff working hard, but happy. Google show their employees some appreciation in ways we couldn’t possibly dream off, by spending a lot of money on making their HQ a fun place to work.


But how could these ideas translate onto a smaller scale – into the working environment of a smaller business, that doesn’t have the billions Google has in their accounts.

It’s easy to inject a bit of fun into your office from time to time, but probably the best way of boosting your business’s working environment, comes in the design of your office space. For staff who work in a small, uninspiring, flat pack furnished office, going to work might not be the most exciting of things. Far from it. Sitting in a dull space every Monday morning won’t get the best out of your employees.

Just a change of furniture can make a big difference. We’re not talking about going out and getting yet some more flat pack furniture – you need something unique. Maybe not as unique as some sort of upholstered snug room at Google HQ, but just a piece of stunning furniture that will turn heads.

A bespoke furniture design service doesn’t just mean getting an existing design made to whatever size you need – it can also open the door to making your own ideas for furniture a reality. Splashing out some extra cash on your furniture can really make a big difference to your business – in terms of staff efficiency and first impressions for clients.

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A modern, good looking office can be a real boost for your team, and sitting your employees at unique glass desks can give them an added feel of importance, as well as a confidence in the company.

But it’s not just your staff that will feel the positive effects of a revitalised office style. The interior design of your office can be of real importance when meeting with prospective clients. First impressions can mean everything, and when you bring a potential new customer in for a meeting, they’ll take a lot away from not just how you handle business, but from the state of your office. One quick look around, and if they see a beautifully furnished, modern, stylish set up, they know they’re working with the real deal, and will be more likely to think favourably of your business. If they see a tired, boring office that looks exactly the same as every other office they’ve stepped foot in, they’re going to see a tired, boring company that is exactly the same as every other company they’ve ever dealt with.

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Some unique, bespoke furniture can make a big difference to your business and be a real benefit.

This post was written by Glasslab, a bespoke glass furniture specialist. Find out more about the services they offer and the stunning furniture they create here:

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