Lets step inside OVG Real Estate “Healing Office” in the world’s most sustainable building in the world – The Edge at the Amsterdam Zuidas. The building has received the highest ever 98.36 % BREEAM classification making it a leader in the environmentally cautions architecture with both interior and exterior abiding to the eco cannons of sustainability.


Occupying the top floor of The Edge, OVG’s new office presents a state of the art workplace environment designed around three main pillars – collaboration, flexibility and wilfulness. The revolutionary interior aims to infuse back the health aspect into the workspace, offering employees a balance between exertion and relaxation. Standard elements from the traditional office space have been replaced with clever thought solutions to stimulate interaction and informal meetings.


Instead of a front desk, a casual kitchen island serves the purpose of a reception point, where the hostess welcomes customers. They are invited to take a seat either in the living room by the fireplace or sink in one of the couched in the library. Quite a contrast to the cold reception area we are used to in every office.


The layout of the office space is strategically set to reflect the work needs of the employees offering them different environments fitted in order to offer concentration or boost interaction. The front of the office is the open-plan, activity related, area of the company. Here is where all the meetings, brainstorming and impromptu happen and where people engage in informal meetings. This part of the workplace is the playground for generating new ideas for OVG as well as establishing connections with existing and new partners. The back of the office is the quite desk space section, where employees can focus on their work without distractions.


The Energy Station is the absolute hit with all employees. The funky looking refrigerated trolley rolls around all day long with a variety of healthy snacks and refreshments to stimulate employees to eat healthier and improve their wellbeing.


Picture Source: d-dock.pr


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