Crowned by the EU as the most entrepreneurial region in Europe for 2015, Lisbon has emerged on the startup map as an attractive destination for startups as well as inventors, looking to capitalize on low rents and affordable tech and digital talent. Sunny, inexpensive and with buzzing social life, Lisbon has become a desired destination for people with a business drive and an idea. We have even noticed the city name popping as the “new Berlin” in terms of entrepreneurial spirit and climate.

A main role in this scene plays our long-term eOffice partner – Avila Business Centre and Coworking based in the centre of Lisbon, Portugal. Their exceptional service and flexible workspace solutions have escalated them as one of the most recognized shared-office providers in the city.

To learn more about their successful practice and their view on the startup ecosystem in Lisbon we sit down with Carlos Goncalves, CEO Avila Business Centre. Have a look what he shared with us:

Carlos Goncalves-2015-Avila Spaces2-Creditos-Pedro Saldanha

eOffice: Describe Avila Business Centre / Avila Coworking in 5 words.

Work, Relax, Enjoy, Connect and Learn.

eOffice: Avila won THE 2015 CALL CENTRE TROPHY – a good way to finish the year. Tell us more about this great achievement.

Carlos Goncalves: This Award is the recognition of the quality of service we provide in the context of virtual office solutions, coworking and office rental. The Avila Business Centers does not belong to the Call Center industry and is considered an “outsider” in this market, which further enhances our performance and commitment we’ve always had in the customer service customization. The method of evaluation was based on the technique of Mystery Calls and Mystery which were simulated specific issues to analyze the response in many indicators of several candidate companies the Call Center Trophy.

It is the 3rd time that Avila Business Centers receive this award. In 2011 and 2014 won in the category “Service through other channels,” a feat that back now to repeat in the 2015 edition and keeps it as the only Business Center in Portugal to bear this award.

17º Global Contact Center

eOffice: How do you nurture the strong sense of community that Avila has?

Carlos Goncalves: Avila organizes monthly events in our lounge area: we invite clients to present workshops when they have opportunity to share their experience and knowledge in specific issues like social media, marketing or leadership. Afterwards, we offer a cocktail which is a very nice moment for networking and sharing contacts.

We also have a team of Runners called “Avila Runners”: We participate in running events on a regular basis. It´s a great strategy to promote the sense of community among the Avila clients and partners.

We are planning to participate in the London Marathon in 2016 and we´d like to challenge eOffice to organize a team with participants of the International Network. Let´s do it? 🙂


eOffice: How is the startup climate in Lisbon?

Carlos Goncalves: The startup climate in Lisbon is getting warm!

Over the next three years Lisbon will organize the Web Summit, one of the largest events on entrepreneurship which proves that Lisbon is strongly positioned on the world’s map of innovation and entrepreneurship. The new graduates have a good education and are motivated to develop projects on their own. Lisbon is among the cities with more coworking spaces “per capita” globally and this factor is very important to attract companies to our country.


eOffice: What kind of clients does your centre attract? 

Carlos Goncalves: The Avila Business Center attracts all kinds of companies: national and multinational companies in marketing, consulting, events, etc.

In recent years the eOffice has contributed to increase our reputation in the market and we are very proud to be part of the International Network.

Thanks for your support!


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