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We love chatting to the diverse startups and entrepreneurs part of the eOffice community. Their innovative work and exceptional energy for business and success is what defines the pulse of the office. As part of our mission to reveal the inventive spark of our community, we popped by Wistla, based in our eOffice Fitzrovia location. Chatty and personable, Kristina Nehoroseva from the Wistla team, took us through the core of the Wistla brand and their long-term plans for the new 2016.

eOffice: What is Wistla?

Kristina: Wistla is a new social app that enables you to shout out (or wistl) the great things you’re getting up to and invite people along. You can follow your friends so you’re notified when they wistl, and also discover fun and interesting Wistls (and Wistlers!) around you.

Wistla eOffice

eOffice: What are the new features planed for 2016?

Kristina: We’re doing a major brand injection into the product and also making it simpler, faster, funner, freeer and easier to Wistl in 2016. As of this year you will not only be able to wistl publically to everyone, but also privately to just your friends. Wistla is now also in Spanish as well as English and German. Wistla is available on the App store http://apple.co/1PbmHY0  and you can sign up for Android at www.wistla.com.

Wistla eOffice

eOffice: How was the idea for the app born?

Kristina: The app was born out of a need to reconnect people with each other in the physical realm. Behavioral psychologist, Richard Wolman felt that we were hiding behind the digital veils of social media platforms and not living as the social animals we were destined to be. He joined forces with a team of creatives and technologists to build a tool that would make mobilizing in the real world fun, simple and easy. The result was wistling… the ability to shout out (or wistl) what you’re up to, and invite the world along.

Wistla eOffice

eOffice: How do you feel based at eOffice?

Kristina: We love the open collaborative energy at eOffice and feel quite at home in the location and environment.

Wistla eOffice

Wistla eOffice


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