Open-plan, transparent, creative, inspiring and collaborative are just a few of the concepts taken in consideration when executing DriveTime’s brand new head office in Temple, Arizona. Completed in November 2015, the 97,000 square foot space has been completely transformed in line with the brand’s ethos and its aim to communicate its fun and innovative culture. Yes, that includes fully equipped game room with foosball, ping pong, pool and video games.

DriveTime is USA’s largest used car dealer and financing company helping people with credit issues find and finance vehicles. Their unique approach to car buying and convenient financing options make getting approved and owning a pre-owned vehicle a possibility for everyone.

We decided to sit down with Christopher Piper from DriveTime and find out how exactly did they achieve this vibrant, state of the art office and most importantly, what has been the overall affect on the team. Have a look what Christopher shared with us:


eOffice: Describe your new office space with 5 words
Christopher Piper:   1. Transparent    2. IT-centric   3. Industrial    4.  Vibrant   5. Collaborative

eOffice: What are the key features of your new office?
Christopher Piper: Our new office space near the heart of Tempe, Arizona features plenty of open space, with over 40 expressive conference rooms and multiple areas for employees to unwind while taking a break from the workday.

When entering the newly designed DriveTime Home Office, it is easy to see the absence of physical boundaries between departments, showcasing our unified, collaborative environment.

Our CEO can be found holding meetings at his round table, positioned in the middle of all other departments, with the majority of conference rooms placed along the central corridor of the building.

Every conference room contains at least one wall made entirely out of glass (reflective of the company’s transparency) and has been given both a name and backstory that reflects DriveTime’s unique culture. Rooms such as Think, Revolution and 360° showcase the company’s goal to not only promote collaboration, but have fun while doing so.

In addition to the conference rooms, there are countless meeting areas placed around the building where employees can hold impromptu meetings or simply get away from their desk for a while. The new Home Office strikes a true balance between work and play with a large grass area located in the front of the building, perfect for a quick game of Frisbee, and a fully equipped game room with foosball, ping pong, pool and video games and a well equipped gym.


eOffice: How does the team feel in the new workplace?
Christopher Piper: When we first moved out of our grocery store-turned-office in Phoenix and into the new building in Tempe, we were astonished at just how much extra space we had. With the new facility almost doubling the square footage of our previous office, all employees are feeling free to stretch their legs and collaborate on an even larger scale.


eOffice: What are the main factors considered when designing the interior of the space?
Christopher Piper: When designing the interior of our new Home Office, our main goal of creating a space that facilitated constant collaboration and innovation remained top of mind.
We wanted to ensure there was enough space to allow for back-to-back collaboration within departments, as well as writeable surfaces in all areas of the building to help facilitate brainstorming. In addition, we made sure to include plenty of conference rooms and a break room big enough to accommodate all-staff meetings or company events.



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