Wired – the technology bible on how emerging innovation in tech is affecting culture, economy and politics, welcomed its growing team into their newly redesigned headquarters, just off Marker Street in San Francisco. Publishing both print and online editions, the full-colour monthly magazine was in need of a change of setting, predominantly to redefine the excising structure of the company. What did Gensler, one of the world’s leading architectural companies commissioned for this project do? They simply unified the environment.


After a number of knocked down walls, change of colour palette and introduction of organically shaped furniture and décor accessories, the Wired team stepped into a space that no longer showcased physical boundaries between departments. The fluidity of the environment embraces an open-plan floor layout, free of partitions and divider walls. This presented a new way of working for the whole team – a collaborative floor without any segmentation in relation to the different departments.


The main focus in the redesign was to unite the print and digital parts of the business, by showcasing both aspects of the edition throughout the whole workplace. The space offers plenty of meeting room areas, partitioned with glass walls or simply outlined with a different colour. This adds to the full transparency of the office space, stimulating collaboration and communication between all employees regardless of their role or hierarchy.


The pale, natural colour palate used in the interior design, offers a calm, serene ambiance to the fast-paced, deadline–chasing nature of work in an editorial. Plenty of seating areas, different in design and arrangement offer employees various spots to relax, brainstorm, or have impromptu meetings. The redesign of the Wired headquarters aimed to spark the creativity and analytical thinking amongst employees even more, and we truly agree it has achieved its goal.


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