The $2.4 billion dollar acquisition of IMG Worldwide by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment was surely destined for a stunning office space to host the newly established company. Stripping down all previous furnishing, from carpets, flooring, even wall tiles was one of the essential transformations of the new hub of WME and IMG. The main focus of the designers was to combine the two cultures of the companies and unite their different brand identities.

IMG Worldwide office

Heading the redesign project was the renown Rockwell Group – a specialist in high-end restaurant and hotel design. Traces of their hospitality expertise are definitely apparent in the overall design of the spacious workplace. In his own words, David Rockwell states for Interior Design Magazine:

“Hospitality has such great strategies for creating space that’s welcoming.”

IMG worldwide office

Raw surfaces, exposed brickwork, pipes and wiring as well as unusual use of material create the unique environment, which embraces the latest techniques in architecture and design. Come up closer and you will realise that the silky looking floor is actually made of a rough, embossed vinyl textile giving away that interesting illusion. A true example that good design gets more and more interesting the closer you get.

IMG Office Worldwide

All previous furnishing of the office was immediately marked as “trappings” and stripping all carpets, wallpapers and tiles down was a necessary step in giving the space a “new skin” to breathe the new energy. During that process interesting patches of other old floorings emerges on the surface, which gave the workplace an authentic feel. The only area that was spared from being stripped down were the private offices, which demanded and acoustical sealing with light fixture.

IMG worldwide office

The natural tones of the space are creatively contrasted with a few walls in strong, deep colours to add intensity and balance the neutral grey and beige hues. Regardless of this, the office space still looks warm and welcoming thanks to strategically placed elements such as the warm-toned brass railing, ceiling lights and a glass front with displaying memorabilia. To add to this feel, every manager was asked to design and decorate their office in their own, individual way, bringing out a very personal touch into a corporate environment.

IMG Worldwide office

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