Tips for Refurbishing Your Office

As we enter into spring, many offices around the country could be looking to rearrange the office to deal with clutter and give the workplace a new lease of life.

Rather than being something to just jump into, refurbishing your office can require a lot of thought as so many things need to be taken into consideration – from the size of the space to current design trends to needs of the workforce. Below you’ll find some key things to consider when refurbishing your office:

Your Employees

One of the biggest things to consider when refurbishing your office is the impact it will have on your employees. Believe it or not, one of the biggest benefits of refurbishing your office can be a boost to employee satisfaction and work output. While a refurb could have an impact on their work in the short term as work is carried out around them, in the long term it can benefit them greatly.

Tips for Refurbishing Your Office

Your Space

Your current office set up can sometimes feel reminiscent of Tetris – can this filing cabinet fit into the corner while fitting a corner desk around it and sitting the new employee there? If these types of conundrum are plaguing your thoughts more and more it can be a big sign you need to give your office space a rethink and look to a refurbishment. This can ensure you use your office space much more efficiently and effectively.

Your Image

Image is everything, especially when you’re in the business of winning new clients and growing your business. When bringing clients to your offices, first impressions count and if your staff are crammed into untidy and cluttered offices it can make your potential client think it is reflective of your business. If this is the case, office refurbishment is crucial.

Tips for Refurbishing Your Office

Your Design Ideas

Key to any office refurbishment is your design ideas and how they serve your business. Your design needs to reflect what your business does, accommodate the size of your office, accommodate the number of employees with a view to steady growth, keep within your allocated budget, and cater to the needs of all your staff.

Your Quotes

Get a quote for your office refurbishment from a variety of business – this will help you make an informed choice but allow you to avoid any hidden costs and allow you to budget for costs.

Your Office Furniture

Your new office furniture is just as important as the refurbishment itself. Ensuring it is on trend and looks good might be your initial thoughts, but you want to invest in furniture that will stand the test of time both aesthetically and functionally. This goes from investing in ergonomic office chair to decent filing systems and tables that have the option for adjustable height. This ensures your employees are happy, their health and safety is looked after, and a positive image is represented for your company.

Tips for Refurbishing Your Office

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