The future of the planet is at the forefront of the thoughts of world leaders. At the end of 2015, 195 countries signed up to an historic deal in Paris to limit global emissions and keep global warming well below 2C. The deal will be deposited in the UN in New York in April ready for formal signature and adoption.

This matters because it is, at last, an attempt to roll back the changes man is making to the planet and preserve it for future generations. It is also a wake-up for businesses though.
The tide is turning and everyone will need to do their bit to cut wasted energy, slash emissions and go green.

Regulations, laws and limits will no doubt follow that headline deal so businesses might as well embrace their green side and adopt eco-friendly practices now to get ahead of the game. Not convinced by the push? Here are three ‘pull factors’ that show why upcycling office furniture can be a great green project to pursue at your business…

Eco Friendly Office

Better atmosphere

Upcycling office furniture is about using your creativity and taking a tired old item and breathing new life into it. Unlike recycling, the end result should be something even better than the original. It’s a chance to be colourful, creative and quirky and maybe even involve staff in the design and delivery of the project. Make it part of a generally upbeat, forward thinking atmosphere to create a good working environment for your staff.

Upcycling office furniture

Cut costs

Upcycling office furniture can also save money. When items are broken or show signs of wear and tear it can be very expensive to have to purchase new ones. Rather than a simple fix, upcycling can breathe new life into such items and be a cheaper alternative.

That doesn’t mean taking a cheap and cheerful approach though. You do still need to spend time and money doing a proper job if you are to use this equipment in the office. While industrial companies such as transport firms or manufacturers of industrial structures might use Airblast AFC to strip back and prepare materials, you will need to ape that on a smaller scale, ensuring that surfaces are treated and handled properly.

Eco-Friendly Reputation


The other great thing about going green is that it gives your business something positive to talk about. It’s a forward thinking move and is attractive to outsiders. Other businesses will want to trade with you and you’ll be seen as someone worth being associated with. Experian points out, for example, that customers are 55 per cent more likely to buy a company’s products or services if they are socially or environmentally responsible.

As part of a positive working environment, upcycled furniture could also help to attract eco-conscious candidates when you are recruiting.

Just something as simple and symbolic as upcycling your furniture can have an important impact on your business, therefore. Whether it is in boosting the atmosphere of your workplace, cutting costs or boosting your reputation it is something to embrace as you make strides towards the sort of greener future the UN is trying to get us to embrace.

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  1. Matrix Work Solutions May 14, 2016 at 6:58 am

    I Agree with your post Make your office environment-friendly by getting used office furniture. As long as the chairs, desks, and cubicles are in good working condition, it doesn’t matter that it is pre-owned. Generally, sturdy, well-made office furniture can be used for more than 20 years. On the other hand, the cost of recycling the same is very high, both environmentally as well as financially. Going for used office furniture is a wise decision.

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