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Injuries in the workplace, whether they are big or small, can be a huge inconvenience both to the individual involved and the rest of the workforce, as well as being incredibly unfortunate for everyone involved. It can even have severe consequences depending on the nature of the injury. For this reason, it is important that everyone in the workplace arrives and leaves work in good health by working in a safe environment.

Whether you work in an office, a warehouse or a factory, there are potential hazards everywhere but these can be avoided and managed. This can have a number of benefits for your workplace and staff as well as generally maintaining a clean and tidy environment. Having a well looked after workplace can both reduce injuries and even illnesses. The average worker loses 9.1 days a year to sickness, and this could be down to the condition of your office. If you work in a very busy environment, there is a bigger risk of germs and other hazards being created and spread.

Tidy office

Keeping the workplace tidy

Avoiding smaller injuries and removing more minor hazards is a lot easier than you think. Keeping your area tidy and free of any rubbish or other debris can make a big difference and reduce the risk of people tripping up over things on the floor that shouldn’t necessarily be there. Likewise, if there are any hazards such as a wet floor or another occurrence that may cause injury, it would be wise to put up signs to warn employees and avoid any accidents.

Eating in the workplace could be another cause for concern. Bacteria feeds off leftover food which can create a health hazard for your staff. Keeping food preparation areas clean by tidying up any spills immediately can reduce the risk of this.

tidy desk

Reducing costs to your business

The appearance of hazards around your workplace can have consequences that don’t just affect the health of the staff. By reducing the amount of injuries that happen in your office or other place of work, you can reduce the costs to your business. Having staff off due to injury or illness can mean costs in lost working hours and productivity will no doubt fall.

A safer workplace generally means a more efficient one. If your office is tidy and empty of clutter or rubbish, then your workforce will be able to focus a lot better on their daily tasks. A clean and tidy desk or work space can provide a more efficient work ethic that allows staff to turn out better quality products or even better provided services.

loyal employees

Looking after your workforce

If your staff know that they are safe and being looked after with hazard-free facilities, you may generate trust among them and they will become loyal employees. Providing a healthy and safe environment for staff is incredibly important in keeping morale high and employees could even begin to show more pride in their work.

Having the right equipment to hand is another way to help avoid hazards in the workplace. If you work amongst machinery or an environment such as a building site, it may be productive to invest in protective clothing such as safety glasses, heavy boots and high visibility jackets. Protection for your workforce is imperative if you work in a hazardous place of work.

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