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Everyone seems to be talking about new trends, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Experts say it’s time to move in certain design directions to keep workers engaged, improve overall performance and get the most out of our available office space.

New research in workplace design is continuously being developed and followed by prestigious architecture and interior design firms. Today we had the pleasure of meeting with Katz, a leading luxury interior design and architectural company, to learn more about how they apply the latest trends and technology in their projects.

Katz has a 10-year heritage of delivering exceptional results within the luxury and  is renowned for creating unique properties around the world, augmenting a classic style with an unexpected modern appearance.

Katz Design

eOffice: How is Katz’ luxury design being applied to the workplace sector?

Katz: There are certain companies that are working in the sector of luxury services or wealth management, for whom a representative function is one of the key factors of their success. So, it is very important for them to have a luxury designed interior of the premises where they receive clients and partners in order to impress and to show that they are of the same level and understand what the upscale market is. We might say that the sphere of activity of a company determines how luxury, expensive and exteriorly emphasised its workplace should be. For such clients we create exclusive interiors applying expensive finishing materials, furniture and decoration elements of famous luxury brands.

Katz Design Wellbeing

eOffice: How is wellbeing reshaping your client’s offices?

Katz: Luxury designed interior of an office clearly shows wellbeing of the company, the same way as a stylishly and expensively dressed person is perceived in a certain manner and with better attitude among clients and in the society. The same principle is applied in Interior design area.

Katz Design Workforce

eOffice: What are the main forces shaping the future of the workplace landscape?

Katz: The main forces that will shape the future of the workspace landscape are the tendency to sustainability and commitment to eco-friendly lifestyle, while creating still exclusively stylish and unusual interiors.

Katz Design Productivity

eOffice: Which exciting project are you working on at the moment?

Katz: At the moment we are working on interior design projects for several IT companies. As these companies are big – having about 200 employees, mostly IT specialists – they need a huge Google-style open office with a casual, contemporary and creative design not expensive in realisation. It will be a sustainable and eco-friendly workplace with lots of relaxation facilities, such as lounge zones, libraries, call boxes, original poufs and playing tables etc., and with few crazy innovative design ideas realised in the interior.

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