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Companies across the world are finally beginning to unlock the potential that video conferencing has been offering for some time. Due to innovations in technology and improved services, the video conferencing industry has become more popular. However, in a lot of organisations and businesses, both big and small, these sort of tools are only used in special circumstances such as big board meetings.

Having such systems in place within your business aren’t used as much as they should be, and even if they are, the facilities can often be difficult to book and many employees struggle to get to grips with the technology due to a lack of training or demonstrations. This results in a system slowly gathering dust in an unused part of the office; but what if you realised the benefits from using it more, and using it in the right way? What could you learn from incorporating video conferencing into your day to day office life? Here are just a few of the valuable lessons you could take away from having such tools in your place of work.

Video Conferencing Benefits

You will probably be more engaged in meetings

A phone call with another member of staff or even client can sometimes be difficult to focus on and give it your full attention. However, if you are meeting face to face, you are naturally going to be more alert and engaged in the conversation for fear of coming across as rude or uninterested.

You will probably find that you act the same way as if you were actually face to face; attentive and polite. It has been said that the average attention span for video conversations lasts around 35 minutes, while attention during a phone call generally only lasts 23 minutes.

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Video levels the playing field

It doesn’t matter whether you are a senior executive, or working in a junior role. Everyone is in the same situation and the same meeting, on the same level. There can often be somewhat of a divide across offices when it comes to higher and lower positions, but video conferencing can bring it all together and enable everyone to be an equal participant.

This is the same for location; often employees could be various locations on work-related business but thanks to video, there is no jet lag slowing everyone down and everyone is able to be in one place.

Video conferencing

You will build better relationships

If you work in a company that allows employees to be flexible with their working hours, such as working from home or even working abroad for periods of time, video could be a crucial way to keep in touch with everyone on a professional level.

Being able to talk over video and actually see each other is not only much more personal than email, but will probably result in a better relationship with your colleagues and even better communication. This could be an important step in making quicker decisions and increasing your productivity.

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You get what you pay for

If you’re going to invest in video conferencing, you may as well do it properly. Cheap, poor quality video is worse than no video at all. Could you imagine trying to conduct a meeting with a flickering picture and out of sync sound?

Finding the right system for your business is imperative if you want to utilise video conferencing properly within your organisation. For high quality video conferencing systems, take a look at Viju.

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