eOffice Workplace Conference

We are thrilled to host the third eOffice International Partner Conference taking place in London on June 9th and 10th. This two-day event is tailored to our international coworking and business centre partners.

Our attendees will be flying to London from different countries around the world including Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, LithuaniaUnited Arab Emirates, Bahrain, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, India and counting!

eOffice Workplace Conference London 2016

We have opted for a fun and dynamic approach to organise this two-day event as each session will be hosted in a different venue, carefully selected in order to showcase some of London’s coolest and most creative workspaces including eOffice, Spaces, WeWork, HuckleTree, RunwayEast. Inspiring presentations will cover an array of topics by renowned speakers aiming to give a fresh approach of the latest workplace trends leading to the future.

eOffice Workplace Conference

Speakers include: Pier Paolo Mucelli (Founder, eOffice), Pietro Martani (CEO and Founder, Copernico and Windows on Europe), Ben Johnson (Strategic Business Development Manager, Xero), Max del Vita (Country Manager, Sclak), Sara Soetopo (Marketing Manager EMEA, Cisco Meraki), Miro Miroslav (Founder, Office RnD), Phil Woodward (CEO, IngressOne), Jean-Yves Huwart (Founder, Social Workplace Conference), Mark Eltringham (Founder, Workplace Insight), Oliver Marlow (Creative Director, Studio TILT), Sara Turnbull (CEO, Bootstrap), Peter Ames (Product Manager, Office Genie), Michael Zribi (Co-Founder, BirdOffice), Matthew Beatty (Co-Founder, SpaceHop), Shahzad Bhatti (Founder, ShareThisSpace.ae and TheCoworkingCafe.com), Jonathan Weinbrenn (Senior Director, The Instant Group) and David Hellard (Co-Founder, Zipcube).

eOffice Partner Conference 2016

The programme will start at noon with an informal networking lunch at eOffice‘s headquarters in Soho on Thursday 9th June. Lunch will be followed by a session dedicated to the importance of flexibility in today’s workplace.

eOffice Soho HQ

A few blocks down, walking towards the heart of Soho, is the creative working environment of Spaces (recently acquired by Regus), where a second interactive session will take place in order to analyse how technology is promoting efficiency in the workplace.

Spaces Oxford Circus

On the morning of Friday 10th June, we will visit WeWork, home to some of London’s most innovative companies, where we’ll explore the human side of the modern workplace and the most pressing questions facing real estate, wellbeing and the role of community powered workplace environments.


An afternoon session dedicated to Proptech and the Workplace will be held at HuckleTree’s brand new location, a smart space designed with wellbeing in mind and where we will explore how new technologies are transforming the property market and the workplace


Our compelling two-day programme will come to an end in the heart of London’s tech and financial districts with an inspiring workplace tour and closing drinks at RunwayEast.


Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event! And if you want to learn more about the latest trends in the office sector, meet and network with professionals from the workplace industry worldwide and visit the most innovative workspaces in London, BOOK your ticket and join us!


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