Organising a meeting between teams across your business can be an arduous task in itself, ensuring everyone is in the same place at the same time is frustrating, and if there are geographical implications across your business too, then it becomes practically impossible to hold a productive meeting. However, advances in technology have allowed video conferencing to pave its way into becoming an essential part of business, especially those with offices around the world to create an effective platform for meetings to be held. It has become a much more convenient and economically viable solution for a lot of businesses, ultimately providing an ability to connect people around the world in more tangible ways than ever before.

The future of meetings amongst businesses is going to evolve to become something completely different to what it once was in the past, the dynamics of the way we work is changing constantly, with a growing number of remote businesses needing access to their workers to hold productive meetings to ensure communication throughout the company is to a high standard. Video conferencing software must be integrated to enable their communications to be as functional as a face-to-face meeting.  Here, Meeting Zone look into how the future of meetings lies with video conferencing, and what this might mean for your business.


The Future of Meetings

The business world is constantly evolving, the landscapes are changing as new technologies are introduced and adapted, and with video conferencing we are experiencing a new way of meeting with people around your business. Video conferencing technology has come a long way in the past few years, a growing popularity of remote businesses is meaning the technology is being used in different ways.

There are a few things which must fall into place for a successful meeting to be held within your business:

  1. Everyone who is required to be present to be there
  2. Launching on time
  3. The goals for the meeting to be laid out and achieved

With video conferencing technology, teams around the world can connect to communicate effectively. More and more businesses nowadays are finding themselves with remote workers, as technology is evolving to enable workers to complete their daily tasks anywhere from home, a coffee shop, to the airport before getting a flight, essentially anywhere there is an internet connection they can work.

This is allowing for meetings to be organised and held with much more ease than ever before, providing teams with an ability to get up and go and provide much more productivity in the workplace. What was once restricted to a conference room has now been adapted to be able to utilise anywhere.
New trends - virtual meeting

Video Conferencing Trends

As we are heading into the latter half of 2016, trends are emerging within video conferencing which are enabling businesses to utilise the technology in more ways than ever before. This means that what was once used for traditional meetings amongst teams is now being adapted for other uses. Virtual reality has become one of these key trends, it is being incorporated with trends including video conferencing to take meetings to the next level and allow communication like we have never experienced before.

Ultimately, these advancements in technology within hardware and software for video conferencing are allowing for a much more effective mean of communication across businesses. It’s not only increasing productivity, but also saving time and money for organisations.

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