Office work is usually synonymous to lots of files, folders and reports…in short heaps of paperwork! But with the advancement of technology, “the paperless office” is no longer a far-fetched dream. It all started way back in 1975 where an article by Business Weekly discussed “the office of the future” and the term “paperless office” was first coined. Quite true to its name a paperless office has minimal use of paper as all the documenting is digital. Dan Reid, Manager at Showroom Logic, an internet marketing solutions provider for automotive businesses, shares thoughts on what makes paperless offices more than just a moral obligation towards the environment.


Eco Friendly

Paper, we all know is made from trees, and the amount of paper wasted in offices is a major cause of deforestation. The paperless office philosophy aims at reducing the paperwork, converting it all into digital format. This revolutionary technology is both efficient and environment friendly. It saves trees and also minimises the waste considerably you don’t have to worry about waste management and disposal.

Better Accessibility

Unlike paper reports, digital files can be accessed by many people at once. Also you can add security settings and encapsulate the data so that only people who are authorised to access the file will be able to see it. Allowing multi-user accessibility saves on time and effort. All you have is mail the documents to a specific number of people. Simple and effective, the paperless philosophy enables easy transfer of data with just the click of a button!


Enhanced Productivity

Converting all the paperwork to digital documents is practical and time saving solution that enhances the productivity of the firm. Dan says, “As a manager at Showroom logic, I can now pay attention to other important matters at hand now that the “paperwork” is taken care of. Executives can now spend their spare time on business development. The paperless network even allows better connectivity-the server based email system is pretty convenient. You get quicker feedback that helps build solid customer relations.”

Saves on Space

The digital files and documents are intangible and can be easily stored on the hard drive, and with the introduction of other external storage devices and cloud storage, it just gets better! You no longer need huge cupboards and cabinets for storing all your paperwork, nor is there any threat of damage or deterioration. The smart digital documentation system is quick and user friendly, it is easier to maintain and retrieve records now that they are digitalised.


Quick and Hassle Free Operation

Gone are the days when you’d have to hunt through piles of paperwork, a paperless network offers better documenting techniques. This spares you the cumbersome tasks of sorting data, filing, making invoice and reports, your laptop or smart phone does that for you now. It scans the documents automatically and stores it exactly where it needs to be, this simplifies data retrieval, helping the company create a good professional image. Also going digital allows hassle free communication the saved files can be transferred over a network to other branches and co-workers.

Data Security and Auto Backups

With locks, password protection and data encapsulation all the confidential documents and customer information is kept secure. And while files and reports are easily accessible, digital documents are not that easy to crack, with firewall protection, complex coding and other advanced data security applications the digital files are kept well-hidden and only accessed by people authorised to use it. Another benefit of paperless network is the auto backup feature; it automatically saves all your files on the cloud from where you can access the information anytime you want.


 Inexpensive and Efficient

A very cheap alternative to paper, the digital format not only cuts down the cost of paper but also other complementary stationery items such as ink cartridges, Xerox and fax machine costs, cupboards, cabinets and more. Also the paperless network drastically minimises the dependence on manual workforce i.e. most of the work is done via machines. And with better accessibility, security and handling the digital documentation system is definitely a practical solution for managing information.

The bottom line:

Innovative, convenient and profitable, more and more business organisations are now switching over to the “paperless” philosophy.


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