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eOffice Mexican partner IOS OFFICES opened its doors in 2007 with the objective to redefine the Mexican Workspace by offering a productive work environment with the highest quality standards in infrastructure and services.

With 30 strategic locations across the Mexican Republic and more than 50,000 m2 of office space, IOS innovative and modern architecture allows its members to have first class facilities and increase their corporate image.

By providing innovative solutions through flexible contracts, today’s workplace industry is transforming one of the fastest growing sectors in the real estate market worldwide. We were delighted to meet with Marcela Castañeda, Marketing Manager at IOS Offices to talk about the new trends in the industry and Mexico’s startup scene.

Marcela Castañeda IOS Offices

Marcela Castañeda, Marketing Manager, IOS Offices

eOffice: What makes IOS Offices different from other serviced offices in Mexico?

IOS Offices: We take customer service to the next level, caring about their lives and their families. We know that when people are happy their work will reflect on it and will have a positive impact on their company. This is why we strive to deliver the best customer service, taking care of their offices and workspace, as well as the things that are important for them at a personal level.


eOffice: How do you nurture a strong sense of community in your centres?

IOS OfficesIt all comes down to our team and the environment. We try to set the right atmosphere for our community to connect and foster growth through collaboration. We design our spaces to encourage collaboration, starting with a friendly morning greetings or through our networking events where clients get a chance to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere and meet like-minded professionals. As a result, our members are able to enjoy a vibrant work environment that boosts their energy to accomplish anything they set their mind to.


eOffice: What type of clients does IOS OFFICES attract?

IOS OfficesEven thought we attract a vast and varied customer base, in the end the interests are the same. We are a group of people with a young spirit, despite the number of years we’ve lived. Our community members are driven by passion for what they do, and our passion as IOS OFFICES Staff is to be a tool that promotes their growth and success. When it all comes down to it, we see and appreciate the value in being surrounded by successful people.


eOffice: What can you tell us about Mexico’s Startup Ecosystem?

IOS OfficesAs a developing country, Mexico has a great ecosystem for starting new ventures. Start-ups and entrepreneurs have a lot of opportunities to generate new value in a lot of fields and businesses because there is a lot of room for growth and prosperity.

In developed countries, you find less opportunities for introducing something new since everything is already thought of and developed and markets are saturated with multiple offers of the same products.

That’s how IOS OFFICES started, as a new value proposition for people looking to focus on their core business while we take care of every administrative task. As years pass, we continue to re-invent ourselves in order to keep generating value for our market and in Mexico we continue to find new places to deliver it.


eOffice: What is your best advice for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas?

IOS OfficesBe very curious and don’t be afraid to ask or fail, do it often and do it fast, it’s cheaper.

Fully understand the value you are creating and delivering to the stakeholders of your idea, don’t just invent new things but rather try to improve on processes, services and products that are important to your audience.

Combine different concepts and ideas from different fields and observe the impact that they have.

Dedicate your time on more than one thing, acquiring knowledge from different places leads to the best ideas.

Team up with the smartest people you know and be very curious about how they do things and their processes. And last but not least, never give up, as Winston Churchill said: “Success only means going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm”.

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