Healthy Habits in the Workplace

These days, more and more work gets done in the office. Many of us work 9 through to 5, week in and week out, at our desks. Unfortunately, as productive as we are, our bodies just weren’t designed for this type of use. The human body evolved to move, hunt, rest and recuperate. Then we did it all again the next day!

Office work can be taxing on your body, especially your back. Prolonged periods of sitting can actually cause your muscles to lose their strength and conditioning. To prevent back injury, and to stay healthy and focused, there are a few things that every office dweller should be doing on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at some.

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Work in Inspiring Conditions

Fun workplaces increase productivity. It can be hard to get inspired when you are sitting all day at the same drab, grey workstation as the rest of your colleagues. Having a funky, fresh and fabulous workspace will encourage a healthy and vibrant work ethic. Even a potted plant can really bring your desk to life. If you’re in charge of your office, and feel as though it could do with a makeover, consider consulting with an office fitout specialist.


Give Your Eyes a Rest

 Staring at a computer monitor all day long is no good for your eyes. It places high levels of strain on your vision. So much strain that there is even a medical condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome! One way to avoid any potential complications is to give your eyes a rest. The best way to do this is to take a break from the computer, and cup your hands over your eyes. Keep your eyes open, and look into the dark space you’ve created. This will help your eyes rest and recover better than just by looking away from the screen, or by closing them.

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Get up and Move!

 It’s ultra-important to allow your body to move around throughout your day. Get up from your desk every forty to fifty minutes. Walk around the office. Stretch out your legs. Go get a drink of water or cup of tea or coffee. Even take a walk on your lunch break! Not only will your body thank you, your boss will too! Regular breaks actually make you more productive.

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Eat Healthy

While fried, fatty and sugary foods can be tempting (especially during the 3 o’clock slump!) try to avoid them. Instead, snack on things like fruit, nuts and salad. That way you’ll maintain a more even amount of energy, as opposed to sudden peaks and troughs. You’ll also avoid any unnecessary weight gain as well as feeling incredible.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Although we all need our coffee dose for the day, caffeine actually dehydrates you! Counteract this by keeping a bottle of water on hand. Take big sips regularly and you’ll ensure that you remain in fine fighting form. You’ll also go to the toilet more often, which means that you’ll be getting up and moving around, which is a plus.

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 Arrive and Leave on Time

 Although some offices can fall into the culture of overtime, it’s actually unhealthy for you! There’s a lot going for a consistent, healthy routine. Part of that practice can be arriving on time, and leaving on time. That way you’ll avoid unnecessary stress – which actually has a negative physical impact. Cortisol is designed to help us during our fight or flight response. It’s not a hormone that we should rely on at work though! Instead, try practicing the above techniques. Besides, isn’t there somewhere you’d rather be after-hours?

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