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Since the industrial revolution, the world has been in rapid and constant evolution. Major changes in the job market have occurred as digitalisation and globalisation have made it possible for us to take our work-life to a whole new level, allowing us to balance work and travel.

Today, we define these open minded, traveling workers as Digital Nomads because according to The Digital Nomad Travel Magazine, they represent someone who has the ability to live and work anywhere, regardless of location, thanks to digital technology. In other words, Digital Nomads are people who use technologies, such as laptops, WiFi, smartphones and cloud-based applications, to earn a living by doing work which traditionally took place in a single stationary workplace while travelling the world. Their goals are to break free from the typical work-desk and everyday lives, to gain experiences that will reload the body and sharpen their minds, and to improve their effectiveness and productivity in order to enjoy more of life.

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So, where do digital nomads work?

The answer to this is actually quite simple as the only requirement is good WiFi. Digital nomads can work anywhere where this is provided, meaning they can work from a café, beach bar or one of the many coworking spaces around the world.

For many people becoming a digital nomad might sound like a dream coming true: it allows you to travel the world, meet like-minded people, be part of different coworking communities around the world and grow as a person. At the same time, it is important to remember that everything has its disadvantages that have to be considered before taking on such a different lifestyle. In fact, one major downside is being away from home, family and friends for a long time. Not to mention the challenge of staying productive and always being dependent on finding good WiFi.

On the other hand, what is life without a few challenges? A digital nomad lifestyle is an experience for life and for those who have the possibility of working remotely, and wish to pursue their travelling dreams, there are many ways to get started.

So, if you wish to be a part of this growing trend, go online to be inspired and find your next place to start your new work-journey.

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