If you a French-speaking entrepreneur or startup living in London and you’re looking to grow in the UK and beyond, this is a must-read article for you.

Last Thursday, September 1st, 2016, the first incubator for French-speaking entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom was launched in the heart of London. The organisation behind this initiative is French Square, a networking group for French-speaking entrepreneurs founded by serial entrepreneurs, Jean Viry-Babel and Charles Van Overmeire.

French Square’s incubator is managed in partnership with eOffice, opening its doors at eOffice Holborn with 16 workstations along with a wide range of services including individual coaching, business advice, access to mentors, institutions and French Square’s directory of members, interns and job offers database.


With the idea to build a friendly Francophone startup community and seeing diversity itself as a valuable asset, the incubator aims to gather applicants from a variety of profiles and industries. Successful candidates will be invited for an interview before the final selection.

For more than three years, Jean and Charles have been organising a range of events to foster connections and relationship building within the UK Francophone ecosystem, encouraging professionals to meet, network and share ideas through inspiring formats and resources. Some of these networking events include Apéro Entrepreneurs, P’tit Dej Entrepreneurs, MedTech and FoodTech.

French Square currently gathers the largest community of French-speaking entrepreneurs in the UK. If you’re thinking about applying to the incubator programme email us at


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