Technology has changed almost every facet of human life. Even within a short span of five to ten years technology has delivered amazing solutions and revolutionised shopping, social networking, banking, communications, brand management, and so on.

So obviously, workplace design has to change massively as well. There are some astoundingly interesting things that new technology has done to today’s workplaces.


Collaboration like never before

With a slew of online collaboration tools, businesses are getting more immediate with their action. Quite literally, anyone can connect to anyone in any location. This is thanks to dedicated collaboration tools. From something as simple as sharing a document to executing a sophisticated engineering project in time – you can do it all with technology at your disposal.


Customised solutions

Technology is also making it possible for business owners to have completely customised solutions for every aspect of business. So if a business owner wants to have a marketing plan for a product variant in a niche or local market, then he can get such a plan for sure. He does not have to rely on ‘stock’ offerings anymore.

Such personalisation makes it possible for the business owner to track performance, check results and make course corrections too – all of it specific to his company’s needs.

Video Conferencing at eOffice Soho

Remote workforce

Technology is also supporting remote workers. Interestingly enough, a business organization can have its design office in India, marketing operations in Hong Kong, warehouses in Brazil and accounting operations in Switzerland and work will get done flawlessly. The mobile workforce means that a business owner can draw the best of talent from anywhere in the world and not have to worry about connectivity.


Cost effectiveness

Time management has become easier than ever with the help of technology. Very few employees will waste time in managing their multiple tasks. It can be something as simple as meeting a deadline for a small task but it will happen because there is a calendar app that will remind the employee about this wherever he or she may be. The use of technology also helps in cutting down the time spent on repetitive tasks. It leaves a person free to exercise creative thinking and strategic planning.



Technology is also making it possible for every business to – potentially – reach the world’s marketplaces. Every facet of this globalisation is driven by technology:

  • Social media marketing for lead generation and brand awareness
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Warehouse management
  • Order tracking
  • Customer feedback and support

So really, it is simply a question of harnessing the right technology to get the product across oceans – literally.



Teams are getting stronger with technology as well. With the help of virtual display technologies, video conferencing and cross-team communications, people are beginning to realise that working in a team is easier than ever before. In fact, technology is also helping people enjoy workplaces for a bit of a breather during a rushed working day.

With better employee morale and comfortable physical spaces, every business can create a workplace designed for greater productivity and sustain the same as well.


Article provided by Areyo Dadar, NoIdentityTheft®
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  1. Nadya March 11, 2017 at 1:21 am

    Great points! The popularity of the remote work is only growing and it definitely changes the work office design. Smaller enclosed offices with big screens are so en vogue now – because this is what helps to collaborate with remote teams.
    Thanks for the article, guys!

  2. eOffice March 21, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Thanks for your feedback Nadya! It’s exciting to see how design and new technologies are changing the way we work.

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