Tribes, Amsterdam Amstel Station

The innovative and outward-looking nature of Amsterdam is reflected in their most recent architectural and interior design accomplishments, particularly in the workplace industry. This is not only an encouraging influence for Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem, but it is gradually turning the city into a giant accelerator for the rest of the world.

Amsterdam’s international outlook allows startups to grow faster. “There’s more attention for startups now,” says Patrick de Zeeuw, co-founder of the Startupbootcamp network of accelerators. With an above-average gross national income, a high growth in VC investments, and an English-speaking community, the Dutch capital has become a magnet for early-stage founders.

Over the past few days, we had the opportunity to dive into Amsterdam’s thriving entrepreneurial tech and startup scene. What caught our attention was the energy, creativity and innovation of the spaces they were based in. Here’s a look at some of our favourite workspaces visited during this unforgettable adventure.


The Office Operators, Amsterdam UP Building

The Office Operators (TOO)

TOO is an ground-breaking real estate management company specialised in flexible office space and conference products. With 15 locations across The Netherlands, TOO works closely with some of the leading building owners in the market and facilitates office and meeting solutions for some of the most sought-after companies by professionals including LinkedIn, UPS, PepsiCo, Shell, Yahoo!, Heineken, and many more. The Office Operators is a member of the eOffice Global Network, one of the biggest and most exclusive networks of independent workplace operators.


Pier Paolo Mucelli, eOffice CEO and Eduard Schaepman, Tribes Founder at Tribes, Amsterdam Amstel Station


Throughout their local, national and global network, Tribes considers inspiration to be the first step towards their clients’ success. Not only do they provide stimulating 5-star workplaces, meeting rooms, and virtual office services, but to make their clients’ life easier and more enjoyable, they also offer amenities amenities such as dry-cleaning, shoe repair service, high level fitness, restaurant and a great library lounge. We are also proud to say that Tribes is also an eOffice Global Network Partner.


B. Amsterdam


B. Amsterdam is a dynamic incubator created to inspire experiments, entrepreneurs and creatives. Their goal is to make entrepreneurship within everyone’s reach by providing access to the right spaces, tool set and social network. They offer amenities such as work-out facilities, coffee places, rooftop parks, living space and flexible workspace


Spaces, Amsterdam Vijzelstraat


Spaces offers creative working environments with an entrepreneurial spirit. With locations across The Netherlands, UK, USA and Mexico, Spaces was built on the idea that success breeds more success. Their goal is to cultivate a community of thinkers, achievers, and imagineers to redefine the way work is done.


The Edge, Amsterdam

The Edge

The Edge is the smartest and greenest building in the world. The 40,000m² office building in the Zuidas business district in Amsterdam was designed for the global financial firm and main tenant, Deloitte. About 2,500 employees share 1,000 desks to encourage new relationships and use space more efficiently. Desks are only used when they’re needed. The project aims to consolidate Deloitte’s employees into a single environment and to create a smart building to act as a catalyst for the company’s transition into the digital age.


Zoku Amsterdam

Zoku Amsterdam

Zoku is the ideal place to be for global nomads, allowing them to live, work, relax, socialise, and make the most of Amsterdam’s international outlook. This contemporary hotel features airy and colorful communal spaces which turn it into a great place to work, share a meal or meet like-minded spirits. Communal areas include a bar, restaurant and lounge areas; table tennis facilities, meeting rooms, a rooftop terrace with an organic garden. Other amenities comprise a gym, massage facilities and a game room.


Zoku Amsterdam

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