Before the New Year arrives and you are rushed off your feet trying to get all your work done, make any improvements to your office and keep your workforce happy, it might be time to think about the office environment. You don’t want to get back from the Christmas break only to find that you have a thousand things to do and some very unhappy staff.

Instead of suffering throughout the year, take the time to make some small but mighty improvements to your office. Here are 5 improvements you can make to your office environment, just see what a difference they can make:

1 Add Some Plants

This might be the most common way to improve your office environment. Adding a little nature, a little colour and a little life to your office, think about investing in some pot plants. You do not have to go too far and have one on every desk but pot plants in the corner or near a window can be great.

For an easy to look after plant try a cactus. Not only are they long lasting and easy to look after, they can come in a variety of sizes perfect for any office.


United Spaces, Stockholm, Sweden

2 Music to Your Ears

Instead of typing away at your desk with nothing but the sound of people in silence, add a little music to your office. If you are nervous about having the radio on or any other tunes then you can always opt for classic music that is proven to help people to concentrate.

If you want to go all out you can create a playlist to let the whole office add to. This means you can listen to a variety of different music and everyone can get involved.


Depo8 Coworking, Melbourne, Australia

3 Do All the Maintenance Work You Have Been Putting Off

Whether it’s replacing the wheels on your chairs with some new castor wheels, or making sure all the leaky taps, broken cupboards, and creaky doors are fixed, get all the maintenance work done now. Don’t wait until the whole office falls apart, get the tools out, get the nuts and washers and get fixing.

When you know what you need to get the job done, no matter whether that is a range of different tools, washers, adhesives or anything else, find them all at Bearing Boys.


Office Maintenance

4 Treats for Everyone

Every so often, to really boost the office moral, you could always provide the office with some tasty treats. From sweets to fruit, or cakes and coffees, bringing treats into the office shows your staff that you care. It also means that you can work away on a slow Wednesday afternoon munching down on some dough noughts, biscuits or other goodies.


Office treats at eOffice Soho, London, UK

5 Brighten Up Your Day

For many people, the hardest thing about working in an office environment is getting used to the lighting. Not only does it mean you have less fresh air, it also means you are constantly sat in lighting that can be bright and strenuous on your eyes.

One way to improve your office space is to take some time to get the lighting just right. Open some windows, get some bright coloured blinds, add some lamps, turn off some of the main lights and really feel the difference.

Take the time to improve your office space and see what difference a great working environment can make to your business.


eOffice Holborn, London, UK

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