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A strong brand is a powerful brand, able to fulfil its goals and see successful results from its efforts. Strong corporate brands often become household names and are known by a large audience. Essentially, a brand must put out a set of values and position itself in a particular manner within its industry; appealing to its target audience perfectly.

A set of expectations are projected, that become associated with the brand and the business itself. In other words, a brand makes a consistent promise to its customers. A corporate brand is who you are, what you do and why you do it. It’s often intrinsic to the workings of a company and infiltrates every level including marketing and advertising.


Brand strategy

But how do you develop, and maintain, a strong brand? Your visual identity and how you conduct your business has a direct impact on how well perceived your brand is. Consistency is key; a consist brand image must be portrayed across all platforms in order to solidify a strategy for your business. For example, McDonalds has used the golden arches in all its marketing since 1961, marking it as a permanent part of its branding.

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to your branding, but the results are worth it. Having a strong brand can instil trust and loyalty, making sure that your customers come back time after time. No matter how big or small your company is, or whether you’ve been established for many years, having a strong brand is an important element.

Bringing your company together in order to have a coherent brand strategy can be incredibly beneficial, allowing you to have a company-wide strategy that’s known by all departments.

how to begin your brand

How to begin your brand

The first step in making sure you have a corporate brand that works, is to look at any existing branding or marketing. Carrying out a brand audit of some kind allows you to look at what can be improved, or even what’s missing. By assessing your existing brand, if you have one, can identify points of call for you to address.

Who are you trying to target? What does your company stand for, and is it appealing to your audience?

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it’s retail or B2B, a brand can be effective and set you apart from your competitors. Clever branding can help you to stand out in the crowd, and offer something different to your consumers.

represent your brand

Represent your brand

While your brand must represent you, you must also represent your brand. Advocating your brand can enhance its authenticity and speak volumes to your audience. How your brand is represented in the wider world can have a direct effect on brand perception and how it’s viewed by the public. This is important when trying to generate leads and bring in new business.

Having your brand entrenched in your daily tasks and how you conduct your business will emphasise its strength and how influential it is. By taking the information you know about your audience, and what your company is trying to achieve, you can create a unified strategy that involves everything from your logo to your social media channels.

unified strategy

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