With so much to do on a daily business within a traditional working environment, internal communications can be slow and inefficient. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on the success of an organisation, which relies on staying up to speed with competitors and industry trends, so here’s how to up the pace when it comes to how you communicate with one another.


Ditch annual reviews for regular feedback

As the business world is unpredictable and even volatile, it’s crucial to stay on top of your employees at all times. While annual reviews will give you some idea as to how your staff are performing, reviewing your workforce regularly by adopting agile performance management strategies will help you make improvements more effectively. With plugins from Upraise.io designed to enhance the communication within a ‘virtual team’ it’s never been easier to request and receive 360-degree feedback. Colleagues can assign customised feedback tags to anyone they’ve worked with, allowing employees to instantly recognise their strengths and weaknesses regarding work-related tasks.


Embrace objective alignment and tracking

Gathering your team for a face-to-face meeting is important, especially if you’re embarking on a new project or need to discuss some technical project elements clearly. Once the essentials have been discussed, however, you can then use a plugin to keep track of all open tasks and objectives, as this will ensure everyone is on the same page and ultimately help to avoid confusion. Automated progress tracking will also allow you to see what’s been done and by whom, saving you the hassle of sending out multiple ‘how far along are you with XYZ?’ emails.


Enjoy real-time insights into your team’s behaviour

Knowing how long a project will take can be tricky but finding out what’s slowing a particular process down can be even more difficult – that is, without the aid of technology. Thanks to automated, real-time progress tracking you won’t have to sit down with staff members to ask why there’s a delay or spend time analysing how to get the job done quicker, as you’ll be able to see exactly how the hours at work are being spent.

With detailed insights into your team’s behaviour comes a transparency that helps to cut corners in terms of internal communications as the detective work has already been done; from there it’s just simply a case of working out what parts of a project are running smoothly and which could do with tweaking.


Promote healthy communication

Internal communication can lead to a healthier company culture, which is why certain plugins use leader boards and social scores to foster a communicative environment. Employees love incentives and rewards, so make virtual talk in the workplace fun and you should hopefully find your workforce embraces the ‘virtual team’ concept which can help bring staff closer together.

Upping the pace of your internal communications is essential if you want your company to succeed. In a competitive business world there’s simply no time for sluggish or archaic behaviours, so take a leap into the 21st century and embrace technology which enhances conversation.

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