When it comes to starting a new business, the majority of your time and focus will be taken up by developing the product or service you are offering and getting the financial side of things in order. But while these aspects of enterprise are important, you must also ensure your office space is up to scratch.

This can be quite exciting, as you will have a fair amount of creative licence to design a pleasant yet productive environment. However, there are a few things you might forget about too, which will only disrupt the working day when you are up and running.

To prevent this from happening, here is an office supplies checklist for start-ups, which includes everything from ink cartridges to coffee.

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  • Desks – It might not be suited to your type of business, but a lot can be said for choosing a standing desk
  • Chairs – Don’t cut corners with cheap chairs as your back will suffer for it
  • Shelving – Take advantage of empty walls to maximise storage space
  • Filing cabinet – Even though we are going increasingly paperless, you will still need somewhere to file important documentation
  • Plants – Proven to reduce tension, depression, anger, and fatigue
  • Clock – To keep on schedule and finish the day on time
  • Kettle – Make sure it is PAT tested for health and safety
  • Mugs – Bring your favourite mug from home to brighten up the office
  • Tea, coffee, and biscuits – To get you and your staff through the day

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  • Paper – Buy in bulk if you will be using lots of it as buying in volume is often cheapest
  • Pens – Maybe buy some branded pens to impress customers and clients?
  • Notepads – So you never let a good idea get away
  • Stapler – To ensure all that paperwork remains organised
  • Paperclips – They’re bound to come in handy
  • Folders – For your filing cabinet
  • Mailing supplies – Such as envelopes (closed and window types, letter size and manila), stamps, packaging, labels, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – Things like tape, highlighters, scissors, ruler etc.

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  • Computer/laptop – Remember to install updates to mitigate against the threat of cyber crime
  • Mobile phone – It can be helpful to have a dedicated business phone
  • Wireless router – To ensure you are always connected to the internet across all devices
  • Hard drive/cloud backup – It is essential you regularly back-up your data in case of failure or theft
  • Printer/copier/scanner – Don’t skimp on quality otherwise you’ll be buying another sooner rather than later
  • Ink cartridges and toner – There is nothing worse than running out at a crucial moment
  • Telephone – Several customers will still want to get in contact via landline, not just mobile and online
  • Shredder – Thieves often target small businesses to obtain sensitive or confidential information

This checklist of supplies only scratches the surface of what you might need when setting up a new business. What’s more, the size and sector of your enterprise will have a bearing on what is required. However, these items should cover the essential basics, so good luck with your business!

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