Research has shown that a shocking 1 in 4 office workers find their job chronically boring, often seeing their working environment as a dull and uninspiring place to be. In fact, such emotions on a daily basis have been shown to have hugely detrimental health consequences, resulting in low morale and lack of performance throughout the office.

Often, working in an office that’s old and simply run-down is all it takes to illicit such negative feelings within employees. But, luckily, this can easily be fixed by freshening up the place and injecting some positivity back into the working day. So, if you and your employees are feeling the negative effects of a run-down, uninspiring office, here are a few tips to give your faded office a much-needed facelift – without breaking the bank!

colour office


Something as simple as a lick of paint and a couple of new artwork pieces are more than enough to re-vamp an entire office space and transform it into somewhere you can thoroughly enjoy. Many people assume that redecorating involves countless hours of stress and a bottomless bankroll, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

To make your office team feel more involved in the decorating process, perhaps run a poll as to which color to paint the walls, or select a few artwork examples for them to choose from. This way, everyone can get stuck in and feel part of creating something new – a perfect way to boost morale in itself! To get started, check out where you’ll find a huge range of affordable art pieces guaranteed to suit any decorative theme you go for.



Countless examples of research have shown that clutter and mess can have catastrophic effects on the human mind-set, often causing increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Most of us spend a huge amount of our time at work so, if your office is unnecessarily cluttered and untidy, you may be unknowingly causing yourself harm.

De-cluttering can often seem like a huge task but, if everyone gets involved, it’s much easier and quicker than you think. Allocate specific office sections for people to work on, and create two piles of items: keep, or throw away. You often have to be brutal with the de-cluttering process and get rid of things you may otherwise want to keep but, for the sake of your office’s overall health and appearance, it’s an essential step to take.


Rearrange the floorplan

A change of set-up is a great way to freshen up any office, especially if you’ve had furniture in the same place for years. Try out different layouts until you find one everyone’s comfortable with, and you may even identify furniture that’s not even needed anymore (another great way to de-clutter!)

Giving an old, faded office a fresh facelift is almost guaranteed to improve mood and productivity. The above tips are just a mere few of the great ways in which you can re-vamp your office for the better, and you’ll be reaping the benefits in more ways than one!


Photo Credits: Pixabay, interfacedesignspace.comPixabayPixabay, Instagram @ officesnapshots
This article was provided by Andrew Quinn, an interior design artist and consultant who enjoys passing on his design ideas and insights through blogging. When he is not helping businesses with their office interior needs, he also enjoys abstract painting.
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