The work environment has been changing rapidly in the new millennium, resulting in new challenges and opportunities. This evolution has witnessed the arrival of a new workforce and the end to the traditional ways of working. Today’s workplace scenario is being redefined by a variety of factors including advanced technologies, a flexible workforce, and innovative trends influencing office design.


The Office Operators, The Netherlands, eOffice Global Network Partner

In 2002 eOffice launched the first coworking space in London. The idea behind this new emerging concept was to adopt an open plan office environment, tearing down literal barriers to foster collaboration between entrepreneurs and startups working from the same location. A decade and a half later, the essence of working along like-minded professionals can be seen everywhere – from hip coffee shops to trendy hotel lounges, or exclusive members’ clubs – marking the end of an era, but also the beginning of a new phase reshaping the workplace.


eOffice London Fitzrovia

The first millennials arrived in the workplace challenging the status quo and demanding flexibility to balance their work and private lives. The coworking model suited their needs as it encouraged values aiming towards a collaborative work culture. They promoted and transformed coworking from a cool trend into a necessity for the new generation workforce.


Different generations talking about today’s workplace at Us&Co

Millennials are all about flexibility and freedom, they want to work in teams and collaborate in a more dynamic environment. But it’s not all about them. Today, at least three generations currently coexist, each bringing a different form of value to the workplace. So in order to embrace this multi-generational workforce, the office evolved into a more flexible environment with different working areas, allowing people the freedom to choose the best work setting to complete their tasks.

Today’s workspaces are designed to create flow from intense, focused work, formal meeting areas to impromptu breakout spaces. They key is to allow people the exciting opportunity to shape how they want to work and increase their productivity and performance.

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Level Office, USA, eOffice Global Network Partner

Photo Credits: The Office Operators, eOffice, Chris Roch Photographer, Level Office
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