Yesterday, eOffice founder Pier Paolo Mucelli, travelled to Paris to experience the city’s great culture of innovation. With a huge amount of incubators and a growing network of startups, Paris has become one of the most innovative cities in Europe and a great place to get new ideas for your own company.

According to Paris&Co, the goal of the city’s administration is to make Paris a global hub for the innovation economy. Every year, the Mayor of Paris invites more than 1,600 actors from the Paris innovation ecosystem, to gather within the walls of the beautiful City Hall, Hôtel de Ville, and take part in the HackingParis conference.


This year, HackingParis took place on Thursday, 16th March. The one-day conference was put together by seven different events which startups, experts, and investors could explore. In a sense, we can describe this conference as a curation of international sporting events of the future, where technology and innovation are in focus.

We’ve listed below our favourite events from this inspiring conference:

Hacking Paris

Demospace & Demopitchs

French and international startups came together to showcase the digital diversity of Paris. Here, we were able to experience demonstrations and pitches of innovations and technology of the next generations.


Startup Meetup

This is the largest Startup Meetup in Paris and took place in the majestic “Salle des Fêtes”. As much as we enjoyed the historic architecture, we were happy to experience the inspiring atmosphere of the 3000 business meetings that was scheduled in that room yesterday and it was a great way to connect with experts, investors and startups.


50 Startups Council

Located in the Council Chamber, French and international startups took the Mayor’s place in order to pitch their ideas to the many investors in the audience.IMG_3329Reverse Business Pitch

This session which also took place in the Council Chamber, startups and corporates switched places: corporations were presenting and giving young companies the perfect opportunity to learn more about global trends and innovations.


It was also possible to attend a series of thematic workshops that highlighted major international and future trends.

Thank you for an inspiring and innovative day @ Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville!

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