Your physical workspace is one of the most significant factors contributing to your work environment as a whole and according to one study, 79% of employees linked their work environment to their overall job satisfaction. Consequently, it is important for staff to have a tidy, well-organised and spacious area to work from. This obviously proves to be a greater challenge in more compact office spaces, but with our handy tips, you can make the most of your cosy arrangement and help your employees reach their full potential.

How to Make the Most of Your Small Office Space
Ditch the mess

Whilst making your work area appear physically smaller, cluttered desks can also increase stress levels and waste valuable work time. Ask yourself this; how long have you spent rummaging through that pile of weeks-old paperwork on your desk, searching for the document you actually need? Probably longer than you would like to admit.

Instead of “desk hoarding”, set yourself a quarterly task to go through all the paperwork at your workstation and rid yourself of anything you no longer require. Use post-it notes to pin important memos around your computer, instead of the larger sheets of paper sitting at your desk, gathering dust. You will quickly notice the difference.


How to Make the Most of Your Small Office Space

Invest in good storage

In order to maximise space options in your office, take advantage of places that can be used for storage, such as under desks or tables. Invest in several storage boxes and be smart with where you want to place them – stacking is always a good option. Moreover, think vertically, by using shelves and hooks to store and hang items on walls, thus freeing up floor space.

Having good storage options will not only improve the office’s physical aesthetic, but can also increase employee productivity. Spencer Nash, owner of Planscape, a UK-based supplier of bespoke office furniture, stresses this point: “organisations waste lots of valuable time searching for documents, when the solution is simple – invest in good storage units.”

How to Make the Most of Your Small Office Space

Move online

Becoming less reliant on paper in your business, as a whole, will naturally result in the need for less storage. This will consequently free up that all-important space in the office, leaving room for only essential items.  As such, try to move as much of your business as you can online, reducing the need to print and physically store things.

How to Make the Most of Your Small Office Space

Decorate accordingly

We have all heard the age-old saying “less is more” and this is certainly the case when it comes to decorating your small office. One would be surprised at how the décor of a room can optically increase or decrease its perceived size. Dark tones tend to make a room feel smaller than it actually is, whilst light colours give off a sense of openness. Accordingly, in a small office, try to paint your walls and ceilings in white or beige.

When it comes to artwork and accessories, it is a no-brainer really – keep things simple. As such, a minimalist approach is advisable. Avoid using too many prints and try to keep your walls straightforward and clutter-free. The use of mirrors is recommended since the reflection of the room creates a perception of greater space in the mind.

Seek expert advice

Whatever aesthetic you are going for, the important thing is that your office space should always look smart and professional. This is a corporate environment, so giving off the right impression is important, particularly in companies where clients or business partners regularly visit for meetings. A cluttered office space can look uninviting and can affect the way people perceive your business.

If necessary, consulting an expert for advice may prove to be a wise investment. Planscape offers a tailor-made space planning service, with tips on maximising workspaces and can provide your business with a detailed analysis for moving forward.

How to Make the Most of Your Small Office Space

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