Creating a fulfilling workplace culture is the foundation of any successful business. You want to attract the best talent and once there, you need to ensure they are happy so that they can continue to work hard and do their best for the company.  Read on for our top tips on creating a working environment in which employees can truly thrive.

Introduce a breakout area

Many modern office spaces now include ‘breakout areas’, which are zones away from the main office space, allowing employees to take some time out from their desks to chill and de-stress. These areas should include soft seating such as bean bags or sofas, allowing for a comfortable break away from standard employee desk chairs.

Taking inspiration from Google HQ, you may also want to consider introducing some light-hearted distractions, such as a pool table or board games, helping employees kick-back and relax while getting their creative juices flowing. You may be amazed at how many good ideas can be formed over a game of ping pong.

Build relationships

One of the core elements of a fruitful business is the effective collaboration among employees. Since we now spend more time on average with our colleagues than our loved ones, it is imperative that we build and maintain healthy working relationships with our co-workers. Encourage workplace friendships by introducing regular group outings or events, such as a trip to the local pub, a bowling evening or a summer BBQ.

Additionally, team building days are a fantastic way to get to know the people you work with on a more personal level, away from the corporate environment. Try to host these days at least annually and you will soon notice a vast improvement in team morale.

Provide snacks and beverages

You will be surprised at how relatively simple, low-cost perks can sway an employee’s perception of your business. The availability of easily accessible beverages throughout the day helps improve productivity whilst showing employees that you actually care about their needs. As such, office coffee machines or water dispensers are a great shout in creating a satisfying working environment for all.

Likewise, consider introducing a free fruit policy, stocking up on different types throughout the week and placing them in communal areas, so that employees can help themselves when they need an energy boost or are simply feeling peckish. Sometimes, a little goes a long way.

Celebrate small victories

Employees like to feel as though they are appreciated and that the work they are doing is contributing to the success of the company. As such, help them understand their importance within the organisation by introducing a system which rewards them for their good work.

This could be as simple as introducing a ‘gold star’ concept within the online portal, whereby employees can give each other a star when they have done something worthwhile or helpful. Even small, non-monetary gains like this will increase employee happiness and encourage them to work harder.

Remember, your employees are your best assets, so you need to create an atmosphere where they enjoy coming to work and will do their best to succeed individually and for the organisation as a whole!

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