According to The Telegraph, over 600,000 small businesses were set to open in 2015. In July 2016, the paper published a report prepared by Startup Britain which claimed that around 80 new companies are established every hour in the UK. From January to June 2016, 342,927 new startup businesses registered with the Companies House, setting a new record in British history.

The phenomenal growth of startup businesses requires essential changes in traditional office infrastructures to accommodate the growing needs of new entrepreneurs. Startup businesses also require a customised and secure working environment within their budget. The solution lies with modular offices, as they are specially designed to cater to the needs of startup businesses and new entrepreneurs.

Here is how a modular office could be a life saver for your start-up.

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Reduced Cost

Modular offices come in a variety of customisable designs which can be changed according to your specific needs. Compared to standard offices that come with traditional full-floor or full-building occupancy plans, the size of a modular office can be customised to meet the requirements of your team/employees. For example, small startups usually require a single room office. However, full-floor, multi-storey and full-building occupancy plans are also available in modular offices.

Since the size of modular offices can be changed according to your requirements, they can help reduce wastage in work space. Modular office designs are customised to be used for multiple purposes as these offices are equipped with multi-functional features. You can easily run a small to mid-sized startup in a small modular office. This way you can reduce the operating cost of your business along with rental costs. If you own a startup and plan to expand soon, look at supplies such as Portable Facilities UK and see how they can help you to save more in the long run. Modular offices can be customised according to your brand’s identity, which is why they financially viable and highly effective in maximising ROI.

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Increased Productivity

A modular office can also increase functionality and productivity. These offices are designed in a way that each part is interlinked with the other, thereby helping increase approachability. Ease of access can help build an open and interactive working environment for your employees and can boost coordination for increased efficiency and productivity. This, in turn, encourages teamwork which helps build a positive working environment for your employees overall.

Modular office designs are interactive yet isolated. These offices are designed in a unique way that provides isolated spaces for your employees to work in peace or discuss matters of higher importance. Large modular offices also contain separate conference rooms, canteen area, reception suites and waiting rooms. Some modular office designs also provide resting rooms as well.

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Flexibility to Adapt

Modular offices are highly adaptable. Designed to minimise disruptions in your business operations, modular offices have flexible designs including open floor plans, cubicles, side-by-side offices and even portable units which can be added or removed from your office, depending on your needs.

You can easily relocate, attach or detach units to customise your office according to your requirements. Each unit is customised to ensure the safety of your equipment. Modular offices have secure entrances and safety exit routes as well. Simply put, a modular office provides you all the facilities of a standard/traditional office building, but with a design and floor plan that is specifically designed to cater to your specific business needs.

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How to Choose a Modular Office for Your Startup

Modular office is a flexible, fast, economical and effective solution for your start-up needs. To choose a modular office that maximises your business gains as well as suits your budget, have a look at the following tips.

  • Customisable Options

A modular office can significantly improve productivity through the functionality of the workspace. To suit your business needs, choose a modular office that comes with effective customisable solutions.

  • Business Needs

Do you need a conference room for your business? Do you host small corporate events regularly? Create a ‘brief of needs’ that provides an outline of all your needs and note down the required number of rooms, bathrooms and entrances that you require. Select a modular office design that meets all your business needs. Ideally, you should choose a modular office that contains extra space for cubicles or provides portable cubicles which can be used if needed.

  • Brand Value

You will meet clients in your office or host small meetings. You will post photographs of your office on social media pages to promote your business and attract target audience. For all purposes, you will need to incorporate your brand identity into your office space. A modular office can be transformed according to your brand identity as it offers a wide range of options for customising your office space.

Modular offices are fast to construct and install which makes them an ideal choice for all startup businesses in the UK.

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