Workstyle meets lifestyle as eOffice Network Partner, Compass Offices, inspires the flexible workspace scene introducing the expansion and redesign of its Singapore location. A second floor has been added, featuring individualised workspaces and a coworking area, warm tones, cosy corners, breakout areas, superfast Internet and access to a growing network of business experts from around the block and around the globe. This new concept will be implemented into all Compass’s workspaces across APAC.

Singapore is a city of bursting ambition and opportunity with a catchy business energy. It is also home to a healthy undertow of creativity and plenty of enterprising freelancers, solo workers and entrepreneurs kicking goals outside of traditional corporate circles. In the heart of the Central Business District, Compass Offices at the Singapore Land Tower is an entrepreneurial petri dish where startups come to start, businesses thrive and freelancers can come to work, network, show case and grow their business.

Compass Offices inspires Singapore’s workplace industry providing flexible serviced and coworking habitats

Communities, Collaboration & Serendipitous Encounters
Compass Offices has been delivering impactful serviced and coworking habitats across APAC since 2009, combining informed perspectives with grassroots relationships to create a completely unique work experience. Originally designed to be the workspace away from work, Compass’s offices have evolved into habitats designed to breathe new life into the wider flexible workspace sector. This specific niche of habitats is part of Compass’s growing portfolio of executive serviced offices and coworking spaces designed to create communities, facilitate collaboration and create serendipitous encounters.

Compass Offices expands and redesigns its flexible workspace at Singapore Land Tower

Space for Ideas

Our fast-paced world is not lacking in great ideas, but it is missing the collaborative and supportive structures to help make them happen. That’s where Compass Offices comes in. Located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, over 660 workstations will occupy the 19th and 30th floors of the 48-storey Singapore Land Tower. Members will have access to a wide variety of businesses and rich opportunities for ideas, growth, and transformation.

The perfect balance between corporate and cool

Innovative Spaces

Compass Offices at the Singapore Land Tower is the perfect balance between corporate and cool. The new 19th  floor workspace was designed with success and comfort in mind. Featuring lightning-fast Wi-Fi, cutting-edge interior design, full office amenities, and a number of possibilities ranging from inspiring physical office space to efficient virtual office services.

The new floor features individualised workspaces and a coworking area

Opportunities for the future

2017 has been a landmark year for Compass Offices. With a flourish of coworking habitats opened this year, Compass Offices has been quietly building a reputation providing businesses with some of the region’s most dynamic workspaces. Offices at Melbourne’s 459 Collins Street and Manila’s Arthaland Century Pacific Tower are examples. The serviced office provider’s ongoing maturity is paving the way in how serviced offices and coworking space providers can nurture entrepreneurs and companies at every stage of their growth. It’s fair to say that business is booming.

2017 has been a landmark year for Compass Offices with a flourish of coworking habitats opening

Harnessing the Power of Entrepreneurs with Compass Offices

In an increasingly digital and connected world, Compass Offices understands that large enterprises and small entrepreneurs alike are exploring the value that can be created by closer and deeper collaboration with each other. With Compass’s Habitats, enterprises gain access to new skills, ideas, talent, and markets, while entrepreneurs tap into large companies’ distribution networks and customer bases within Compass Offices’ vast network.

Discover Singapore with Compass!  Visit their savvy entrepreneurial hub in the heart of the city and learn how to connect ideas, people, and resources to help you expand and grow your business  because corporate culture” doesn’t just happen, it must be nurtured, just like a “culture” in a petri dish.

Compass Offices at Singapore Land Tower

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