Avila’s cosy and relaxing Business Lounge

We were excited to visit eOffice Global Network Partner Avila Spaces and take a peek into their recently launched workspace, an innovative working model combining both coworking and business lounge concepts.

Avila Spaces is the market leader in virtual offices and shared workspaces in the Portuguese capital. Their new Coworking and Business Lounge is situated in Lisbon’s Avenida da República and is divided into two unique working environments: a coworking area and a business lounge with 85 workstations, where members are able to relax, work, or have meetings.

And with this vision, the new coworking and business lounge instantly became the maximum exponent of Avila Spaces’ signature: ‘Work. Relax. Enjoy ‘.

“We believe this how professionals regard the workplace today: a place where they can work in a comfortable, informal way, where they can relax in lounge areas and even have fun at networking events or parties”, emphasizes Carlos Gonçalves, who adds: “This positioning also reflects the importance that professionals currently attribute to the balance between personal and professional life”, explains Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of Avila Spaces.

New Coworking and Business Lounge overlooking Lisbon’s Avenida da República

The new Coworking Business Lounge is Avila’s third location providing premium and exclusive services. Members can choose to work from the various comfort zones, which include sofas, armchairs, tables and benches. A meeting room, a terrace, and a kitchenette offering free coffee, tea and other drinks is available for members to use at all times.

“Our goal is to attract customers from a more corporate segment and this space was designed thinking about who does not need a physical office, but desires to work in an environment with total comfort, convenience and exclusivity”, says Carlos, Avila’s CEO.

Allowing full flexibility and in order to guarantee the best cost-benefit ratio available in the market, some of Avila’s services include super fast internet, mail service, 24/7 phone service, voicemail-to-email calling system, network space and the possibility to benefit from web design, or accounting services among others.

Various comfort zones and flexible workstations

To use the Business Lounge, Avila Spaces created a membership concept for a competitive and flexible monthly rate. This subscription allows taking advantage of all the services and amenities of the Business Lounge. The Coworking space, which is on the same floor, has separate tuition fees running on a monthly basis too.

Users of Avila Spaces Coworking and Business Lounge, also benefit from MyOffice app, a Virtual Office Application created to provide greater ease in office management, via mobile phone and already used by more than 400 clients.

With the desire of making their members grow successful businesses from an inspiring workplace that allows them to relax and enjoy what they do, Avila Spaces is the most awarded serviced office in Portugal and innovation leader in today’s flexible workspace market. Their new Coworking and Business Lounge offers a premium environment, with the latest technology, where companies can grow in a sustained and dynamic way.

Spacious coworking area with plenty of natural light

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