You can kill the stress of your workplace and make your monotonous and boring 9 to 5 job routine much more exciting and interesting by getting cool gadgets for your work desk. There is a wide variety of such gadgets available in different range i.e. USB gadgets, pen holders, desktop punching bag etc. Let’s have a look at 5 of these must-have cool gadgets that can make help to have a happening and exciting work desk.


As per studies, a work desk cluttered with cables and other items can enhance the stress of the person working on such a table. Therefore, a CableDrop is one of the ideal cool gadgets to be used on a work desk. With the CableDrop, the cables will stay in their place, giving your table a neat and clean look, which can help to beat the stress and increase your work productivity. You can easily find a CableDrop online or your nearest tech store.

Cyanics Desk Organiser

While a CableDrop will only take care of the cluster of cables on your work desk, you can get rid of the other mess on your desk with the help of a Cyanics Desk Organizer. This is one of the best desk organizers due to the extensive features it boasts of. It has a slot for keeping smartphone and a pen holder. You can also store your important cards or notes in this organizer. Another notable feature of the Cyanic Desk Organizer is that it also has dedicated USB slots, which you can use to keep your USB devices in a safe manner.

USB Powered Cup Warmer

Most of the workaholics cannot do without their regular dose of coffee. It gives them the energy to carry out their routine work-related tasks. However, quite often, while doing important tasks, they forget about the coffee, which gets colder while lying on their work desk. They either have to drink the ‘cold’ coffee or take the pains of getting it warm again but with USB powered cup warmer, there will no such issues anymore. You can get your coffee warm easily, without any hassles, by simply connected it to any USB slot.


If you feel you are not getting enough time out from your busy routine for working out in the gym. DeskCycle is there for your aid. It is a handy gadget that you can place beneath your desk and indulge in some paddling whenever you get time. Not only it will burn calories and improve the overall health, it will also help to boost your mood, work productivity, and activate the brain power and creativity.

Henry Desk Vacuum

Henry Desk Vacuum is the best gadget to get rid of the dust and crumbs on your work desk. Just like a regular vacuum cleaner, it will suck the dust and crumbs from your laptop/PC and work desk easily, without making much noise and mess.

Enrich your workplace with these cool gadgets, feel good and enhance your work productivity.

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