On a daily basis our workplace facilities need to be clean and organised which can negate problems and issues within our workforce. There are a handful of basic things to consider that will make the world of difference; here are five of them.

Food offerings
Food is a vital part of our life; not only is it fuel for the body, but it encourages conversation in an informal manner in the workplace. Here are some ways you can incorporate food into the work place:

  • Meals for staff meetings: In some companies, they have staff quarterly or monthly meetings so why not make food such as takeaways or mini buffets a part of them? They don’t need to be huge feasts, just a couple of pizzas or nibbles that colleagues can just pick at during the meeting.
  • For those companies that spend a lot of time at their desks why not once a month have doughnut day/cake day/fruit day. Look up national food days for inspiration to bring these events into your working life, allowing relaxation for five minutes and bringing the staff together.
  • Canteen: Does your office or building have a canteen in it? This makes employees feel like they don’t have to bring their own packed lunch into work.

Tea and coffee supplies
This is one of the smallest gestures that can be offered at work but will go a long way to keeping many people happy. It can be seen as a sign that bosses are looking out for their members of staff. You don’t need to stick to traditional brews; lattes, mochas, frappes and hot chocolates may all be popular.

Studies that have taken place in several work places have shown drinks in the workplace are proven to reduce stress and put workers into a positive frame of mind.


Your work environment needs to be clean in order for employers to work to their highest potential and for office organisation.

  • A clean environment could improve employee’s health and will reduce sick days.
  • A clean and healthy building will form a welcoming atmosphere for guests and clients.
  • Try to have disinfectant wipes on the end of each desk or a big pack for the whole office.
  • Make sure the kitchen is clean and tidy and you wash up your mugs, bowls, plates and cutlery. There is nothing worse than a dirty kitchen. Stock your office up with centre feed rolls to keep on top of the cleaning and pick up those everyday spills and mess.
  • Keep on top of toilet roll supplies and have sanitary bins in the toilet.

Here are five tips on ways to keep your office clean if you are struggling.

Relaxation space

Everyone needs a break now and again. Encourage employers to take occasional breaks by creating a small and welcoming area where they can go for a change of scenery before they return to work, leaving them refreshed and ready to give it their all. Encourage use of a kitchen, or if not a comfy sofa in the hallway.

The amount of lighting is necessary for a good work performance, especially in an office. When possible you should use a combination of natural and artificial lighting sources that you can adjust through blinds or overhead lighting. Excess lighting glare can cause discomfort and reduce working performance. Try and avoid glossy work surfaces too, because the light will just bounce off them causing discomfort.

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