It’s almost three weeks into January and as the bloated hangover from Christmas finally ebbs away, now is the time to focus on what you are going achieve in 2018. So what’s it going to be? How about if I told you this year you could make it something that’s both achievable AND beneficial to your business? Have you guessed? Drum roll, please… why not re-vamp your office space! OK, so it might not be that sexy and I can’t promise it is going to change your life… But what I can guarantee is that by February 22nd it’s not going to leave you feeling deflated, facing imminent failure, and wishing you’d never bothered to start with, so work with me here.



Employees spend roughly 50% of their waking hours during the week in an office – so why not make it one that brings out the best in them. The benefits of sprucing up your office interior are limitless and positive results can be easily, and cheaply, achieved. An effectively designed office can boost productivity, lift employee’s spirits, and provide them with the tools they need to spark creativity enabling them to do their best work. And it needn’t be at great cost to your business either. There is a whole load of things you can do to inject a new zest into your office that will have your workers energised and ready for the year ahead for relatively small prices.

So let’s get down to business – what exactly can you do to your office interior to boost productivity?

  • Re-structure – when was the last time you shifted desks? Employees can easily grow bored and complacent by sitting in the same seat each day. So why not mix things up a little bit? Changing desks will bring a fresh vibe to the office and sitting next to different colleagues can help give workers a boost and even inspire them to work harder!


  • Ditch your tired old signage – Think of your office signs are the gateway to your business. What message do you want to give clients and employees? Old signs that send people off the wrong way around the building isn’t going to impress anyone. A small investment into new a new office sign system will enable you to reinforce your image as a modern company who takes care of the details, and your branding will shine through in all aspects of your business.



  • Create a recreational area – It doesn’t have to be anything lavish. Just a small area in the office for employees to gather and socialise for a few moments break throughout the day. This could literally just mean putting a small seating area in the kitchen, or if the budget stretches then go wild with beanbags, Ping-Pong tables and whatever else takes your fancy. Rather than provide a distraction, the opportunity to bond with colleagues and take a short break will actually boost productivity as workers go back to their desks feeling refreshed. You could add to this by providing tea, coffee and fruit for your employees. It’s a small and inexpensive gesture, but one that will go a long way!


  • Bring in the natural – The office environment can often be quite harsh on our senses. Those fluorescent lights and stifling rooms aren’t doing anyone any favours. But not to worry, there are a number of things you can do to combat this. LED lights are far less harsh for our eyes, and painting the walls lively colours can help to enhance any natural light coming in through the windows. Plants are another great way to bring a little of the natural world in, they help to reduce noise pollution and get some oxygen circulating the room. These little touches are great for improving the mental well-being of your workers.


  • Offer flexibility – If you have the space for it, then a great way to get juices flowing is to create areas for team-work and brainstorming away from the usual desks employees sit at. Open hubs and spaces aimed at boosting creativity can revitalise your workforce – you could even incorporate whiteboard paint walls for ultimate cool office points!



So, there you have it, five easy and cost-efficient ways you can spruce up your office in 2018 and boost productivity along the way. This year’s resolution will be one you can’t help but succeed in!

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