We either choose to have a longer break from work, or it is decided for us. The reasons for the latter are not always easy to predict, but whether your career break was caused by growing a family, going to University or recovering from illness, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to jump back on track.

It is necessary to remember, that plenty of people have been through the similar experience, and companies, in general, are becoming more open to the idea of mid-career breaks,  given the fact that majority of the talent on the market, are itchy-feet millennials. But it doesn’t mean re-adapting to new office environment will be effortless, especially when your professional – self is still a distant memory. Below we present a list of five tips that might help you to close the chapter, and return to work in a co-working space.


Submit your CV – a strong CV is only half of the success. Applying for jobs online can be daunting, especially when there are so many job platforms to choose from, offering  over-optimistic job adverts. If you are unsure about which jobs match your current skillset it would be worthwhile seeking out a recruitment agency where you can submit your CV online and have feedback provided.

Do some networking – From free snack breaks to a game of pool, working in a shared – office is full of opportunities to socialize and meet new, like-minded people. Socializing and engaging in work-related activities, will help you to stay motivated, and restore the sense of belonging that might have been compromised during your period of absence. A strong community is what you need to fully reconnect with your professional self.


Know how to get quiet time when you need it –  once you step foot in a new co-working space, the privilege you had over controlling all sources of noise is over.  The most effective way to cut down all the buzzing noise of the communal working space is to invest in noise-canceling headphones, be sure to check with your new management if listening to your own music is acceptable. When it comes to finding a quiet space to work, the majority of co-working collectives should be able to offer meeting rooms that can be booked whenever you feel like minimising distractions.

Respect your fellow co-workers  –  the office area is as much your working space as it is everyone’s else. Thus, it is very likely you might be challenged, if any of your habits disturb the others, or upset the conditions of shared spaces. Tread lightly.  Make sure you follow the clean- as- you- go rule and keep the volume on your headphones low enough that no one around you can hear it.  


Adopt to desk sharing –  by nature, we all are territorial creatures, this means that we have the innate need to protect the space that we consider our own. Unfortunately, this rarely corresponds with the business objectives of coworking collectives. As the standard forms of employment are being replaced by more flexible, working practices, traditional offices with assigned desks are becoming thing of the past.The first step to make this transition successful is to follow a clear desk policy. Avoid personalisation and leaving sensitive information on desks tops at all times.


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