Passion, in all of its meanings, represents the feeling of impetus and enthusiasm for a thing you do. This passion shaped in everything we do is what creates the magic behind the things. Since 2007, IOS Offices initiated with the passion of believing in the entrepreneurial spirit, giving them tools that boost their success. This approach began by offering workspaces that met all market needs, with AAA locations in the most prestigious cities in the country. However, as of today, IOS Offices goes beyond a tangible solution. Thanks to the passion that characterizes IOS, today we offer spaces that inspire and awakens the genuine interest of doing more and better efforts to boost our business. Together through these 10 years, we have created the new office culture and the IOS Magic that is lived in every corner, hall, and boardroom.

Every detail contributes to this magic, whether it is a smile in the morning or a chair that conforms your posture. It is not only in the prestigious locations, furniture or ambiance but in the vast list of tools that facilitate day-to-day activities for our members. Each and every one of them is delivered with passion and it seeks to boost growth for our Members. Today IOS Offices has an incomparable aggregated value, in which our Partners and their happiness are our priority.

The continuous improvements in our services and infrastructure, as well as innovation, are our biggest strengths. Thanks to that, we cannot stand still. Instead, we try to improve and add value continuously. We offer spaces that inspire to work and live better,  with attention to the smallest detail in order to provide an environment that makes our Members feel at home. From our cutting-edge technology; AAA locations; furniture and ambience; our business magazine LIFESTYLE; our culture and human talent with the best service attitude; our networking events and community; IOSFERA App that allows Members to connect with all our IOS Community on a national level and our Benefits Program with exclusive promotions, all of this allows us to offer a Premium quality service. Our success is not only due to these characteristics but also to the trust of our IOS Community, which includes more than 14,000 Members.

We are glad to celebrate the Opening of our 35th Business Center in one of the most prestigious cities in the most exclusive area: IOS Office Arboleda, Monterrey.

IOS Offices Arboleda is in its class a unique Business Center. It invites you to blow up all of your ideas that had not yet been defined, it motivates you to give the best of you and at the same time gives you the assurance of achieving everything that you propose. 


Photo credits: IOS Offices
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