For the most part, you operate the business out of a home office. Now and then, there’s the need to secure temporary office space for rent and maybe even a conference room to go along with the office proper. In order to give the impression that the space is actually permanent, there are a few things you can do without spending a lot of money. Try these tips and the temporary space will begin to feel like your own.



Nameplates and Other Items for the Desk

One of the easiest ways to personalize that temporary Toronto office space is to come up with the right items to dress the desk. Start with a nameplate that proudly proclaims that you are the president, owner, or whatever title you use when doing business. Make that nameplate do double duty by investing in a design that includes a business card slot. That makes it all the easier for guests to reach over and take one or more of your cards with them.

Don’t overlook the importance of adding traditional touches to the desk. Depending on how your laptop or tablet is set up there may be room for an old-fashioned desk blotter set. That allows you to keep pens and pencils on display as well as have space for a notepad or two. Remember to bring along one or two framed photographs of family or loved ones. That will certainly add more of an air of permanence to the scene.


Potted Plants

Even if you are only going to occupy the office space for rent for a day or so, bring along a couple of plants. One can go on the shelves or credenza while the other can be larger and fill in one of the empty corners. Remember that you can always go with artificial plants if you like, but make sure they actually look like the real thing. You can find florists who are willing to rent potted plants for reasonable daily or weekly rates.


An Area Rug

Make the area where your guests will sit more inviting by adding an area rug. This helps to add definition to the sitting area and also adds a bit of color to the temporary Toronto office space. If possible, go with an area rug that picks up one or more of the colors you use in the company logo or on the company letterhead.


One Piece of Wall Art

There’s a good chance that your temporary office space for rent already has at least one or two pieces of wall art. If so, find a place to add one more of your own. You can make it somewhat of a conversation piece. If your guests happen to ask about it, you will be in a position to discuss where you bought it, what you think about it, and why you chose it for your office. Remember if the walls are bare, that means more space to display art that’s to your taste. Make sure the pieces are lightweight so you will have no trouble removing and transporting them when the rental period is over. Making temporary Toronto office space seem like a permanent workspace is not as difficult as many people think. With just a few touches, you can create the illusion of having been in the space for some time. No one has to know the deal is temporary except you and the provider who arranges the rental.


Photo credits: eOffice, Agile Offices

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