eOffice, one of the most dynamic office providers offering shared workspaces in more than 120 cities, across 60 countries. Meristem has greened up several of their offices including their head office in Fitzrovia. We used a combination of ferns, epipremnum aureums, philodendrons, and aeschynanthus in wall mounted planters. Adding planting to the walls is a great way to achieve a maximum greenery impact and use up as little space as possible.

The added greenery in these offices has created a relaxed working environment.

The concept of biophilia (meaning love of nature) highlights an innate connection and attraction between humans, nature and natural processes, which more recently has been recognised as a key consideration when designing and developing workspaces. Biophilic Design is a way of creating places where we live and work that improves our relationship with nature. Interior planting will clean the air, improve health and wellbeing, reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity in the workplace.  


“Plants at eOffice add more than just a decorative touch. eOffice spaces are designed to help businesses thrive in an exciting, focused environment. A place of work should inspire coworkers, and we understand that bringing some flora into the workplace can improve employee satisfaction, health, and increase productivity” Helen Davis, Operations at eOffice. One of the occupants Jeff, Managing Director at Tandem Recruitment, tells us “it is really nice coming into an office surrounded by plants compared to boring, plain walls. The greenery was one of the things that attracted me to eOffice as it creates a cool, calm environment”.

Our latest installation in their head office is a living wall filled with Boston Ferns.


This Live Picture is available in five different sizes and is filled with plants of your choice. A watering system is integrated in the frame to ensure plants are provided with water for 4 to 6 weeks.



If you are interested in our interior greening services then please get in contact!



Photo credits: Meristem, eOffice


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