Are Personalised Lanyards and Staff ID Cards the Easiest Way to Improve Staff Morale?

Any employees feeling undervalued and unappreciated can lead to a severe lack of productivity, and this will, in turn, have an adverse effect in the workplace. So, it is always important to keep checking how you can improve staff morale and implement anything that can help.

Speaking to Digital ID, a UK based personalised lanyard specialist, we found that one way of improving motivation in the office is through issuing your employees with their own personalised lanyards and photo ID cards. Through this one small addition, it has a domino effect that can help many different areas improve. Below are four ways on how these simple items can massively transform your company:


Creates a Professional Business Image

By providing all members of staff with their own ID card, professionalism is portrayed, enabling you to look strong against competition while reflecting the legitimacy of the business. It shows businesses are making an effort to prove their validity by portraying trust, giving staff confidence in their job security and thus helping to lift morale.

Helps to Improve client relationships

Any client or new employee going to visit a company will feel reassured by staff and visitor ID cards. Providing visitor ID cards on arrival not only increases security, but it also shows the company wants to include any guests and values them as one of their own. Staff ID cards put a name to the business image, creating a more personalised, relaxed atmosphere and thus helping to put everyone at ease.


Learning staff names decreases any initial awkwardness and shows they’re real people. Once clients are more relaxed, employees will be too, helping them to deliver their best work. This will also help improve staff motivation as they know they have made the best impression and will reflect well on the company.

Keeping a High Level of Security 

If employees don’t feel secure in their work environment, the work they produce won’t be up to standard. Giving each staff member an ID card proves the business doesn’t have any plans of going anywhere, and therefore this transparency provides job reassurance.

By using ID cards for access purposes, employees can be safe knowing only authorised personnel can gain access to their work environment. Staff members can focus on their work without worrying about their safety or any external threats; which is how it should be.

A Company United

Many companies use ID cards as a form of uniform, therefore creating company unity. By providing each staff member with their personalised ID card and lanyard, everyone will feel necessary, regardless of their position in the business.

In going to the expense and time of printing each person an ID card, instead of just using a generic pass for everyone, employees will feel valued as individuals. This helps show appreciation and will, in turn, increase morale as staff will know how important they are in their role.


Get Everyone Involved

By letting your staff join in with the process of designing these ID cards, they will be much more inclined to wear and present their personalised ID cards as they are proud of their creation. In turn, this will make security checks much easier as all staff will be carrying these cards. It will also help cards and lanyards last longer as employees’ value what they helped to make and will look after them better.


Photo credits: eOffice

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