It’s not the benefits packages or the pay rates that make companies like Apple, Google, or Disney such wonderful companies to work for. It’s the stellar company culture they all have going for them. Believe it or not, you can build a culture within your company that’s just as easy to love and be loyal to. Get started today with these ten deceptively simple (but highly effective) strategies. Most take only a few minutes to put into action!


  1. Show sincere gratitude.

Employees that feel appreciated are employees that stay loyal to the company they work for. That said, never underestimate how far even a simple “thank you” can go. Take the time to sincerely let your people know how much they matter to you and to recognize exceptional work. What you say is up to you. Just make sure it’s honest and comes from the heart.

  1. Focus on a different core value each day.

Help yourself and each of your team members internalize the core values your company stands for by focusing on a different one each day. Start each work period with some quiet consideration of that day’s “value spotlight”. Then funnel your insights into a morning email to send out to your team. Not sure what your company’s core values are yet? There’s no time like the present to figure things out.

  1. Implement quick (but regular) team building exercises.

Every team needs a little downtime to bond as humans and recalibrate both physically and mentally. Team building exercises are a great way to do that. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a good team building exercise has to take all day though. Quick 10-minute activities done on the regular can be just as powerful.

  1. Apologize when necessary.

If there’s one trait that can’t help but endear an employer to their team, it’s humility. You will make mistakes, but you shouldn’t dwell on them. Instead, own up to it when you misstep or go wrong and offer a sincere, heartfelt apology. It only takes a second to say, “I’m sorry”, but it will save you the hassle and discomfort of dealing with hurt or disgruntled employees later.

  1. Use stellar project management software.

If you’re not already using project management software to keep your team on the same page, it’s time you started. The right project management options help you and the rest of your management team easily stay on top of everything from daily progress, to performance reports, to department tasks, to important collaborations. Make it a part of how your company gets things done and watch your team thrive.

  1. Share treats with your team.


The team that snacks together, stays together! The next time you’re out and about running errands for your business, take a few extra minutes to pick up a tasty treat for everyone to share when you get back to the office. Doughnuts, ice cream bars, pizza, tacos – absolutely anything goes so long as it’s presented with a smile and shared in good company.

  1. Think outside the office.

Companies with a strong, thriving office culture are filled with team members that truly care about one another. Help facilitate those strong social ties by bonding outside of office hours as people and friends, as opposed to just team members. Game nights, friendly basketball games, hikes, or monthly group dinners at your favorite Italian restaurant are just a few ideas as to what you can do.

  1. Stay well-read.

Instead of simply skimming relevant industry articles or think pieces on company culture when you see them, try saving the really good ones to a dedicated folder. Then when you have a few minutes of extra time, choose one or two to read carefully and fully absorb. Books on business strategy, personal growth, and team building are good options as well.

  1. Talk about real things.

Taking the time to get to really get to know your team members as people is an incredibly powerful move. It’s nice for them to know you really care and that you’re there for them if they need you, so reach out. Set aside the time here and there to have real conversations about real things. You won’t be sorry.

  1. Keep thinking creatively.

Great culture-building strategies don’t exist in a vacuum. They’re living things that continue to grow and evolve into the future. That said, take some time now and then to come up with additional ideas of your own as far as how to build, nurture, and grow your company’s unique culture into the future. Jot down great ideas when they come to you. Actively look for pressure points that could use a little improvement. Then put your back into making things better. Your team, your clients, and your company will thank you for it!


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