More than buzzwords, flexible workspace has become a popular work setup in companies today.

A flexible workspace is a full-service office that involves minimal setup time and almost zero cost for your company, since these are handled by providers of coworking spaces. Flexible coworking spaces are especially ideal if you’re barely starting a business, and you might not yet be ready to invest in your own office space and equipment. As a coworking space client, you’ll have a fully furnished office dedicated to your company and your employees as well as shared access to a reception area, conference room, pantry, toilet, and even recreation or meditation rooms.

Several reasons account for the growth of the flexible workspace industry. For one, business trends dictate that your company doesn’t only come up with innovative products and services but also improve the office design for your employees. You’d do well to acknowledge that the type of office environment you provide for your staff can have significant effects on employee productivity and satisfaction. People don’t feel happy working in a rigid office environment, which may convey an atmosphere of being tied to work day in and day out. In contrast, shared office spaces are designed to foster a culture of fun, creativity, and collaboration.

A flexible workspace also makes it easy for you to attract top talent among today’s workforce, especially millennials. This generation of workers tend to favor offices that allow them to work in unconventional settings. Instead of sitting on their workstation, they want to be able to take their work outside of their cubicle – never mind if they have to prop themselves on the floor. Young professionals also value the chance to expand their professional and social circles as they meet people with similar interests or work values.

This responsive setup also lets you communicate with remote workers effectively. These days, it’s more practical for you to maintain a small office in another location instead of rent or build a traditional office, which can be costly. Since most coworking spaces are fitted with systems and tools that bring about collaboration, you as business owners or managers can stay connected with your team members despite barriers in distance or time zone. You also get to communicate what you hope to achieve for your business, while giving your employees the resources they need to meet their goals.

Indeed, the rise in new, sophisticated technologies in office communication and collaboration make a shared office a practical and efficient option to run your business.

Flexible Workspaces Will Continue to Evolve

There’s no doubt that a flexible workspace addresses the most pressing concerns of both employers and employees. Your business can save on building and operational costs, while your workers are motivated to work in an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.

With this kind of win-win situation, it’s safe to say that coworking spaces will gain more traction in the future. You can expect other companies to take advantage of a flexible workspace setup for their business, while office space providers and their designers will continue to enhance and expand what they have to offer their clients.

Sooner or later, coworking space arrangements will no longer be limited to small- and medium-sized enterprises. This option can work great for multinational corporations, too, seeing that they don’t have to acquire multiple real estate properties in different locations. With a flexible workspace, globally renowned companies can carry out their expansion plans in other markets or locations without having to build an office from scratch, so they can get their business operations up and running as soon as possible.

Here’s an infographic to help you identify and understand the potential benefits that a flexible workspace can offer for your business.

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