tips on preparing for an inspection so that you don’t get caught off guard.

Make Sure That You Have A Safety Procedure In Place

To ensure that you’re not left scrambling to put a process in place prior to a health and safety inspection, put a procedure in place permanently. Nominate a member of staff to oversee everything and give them to the support they need to make sure your office is constantly safe for your team.

Clean Your Workspace

Keeping your office tidy will ensure that the inspectors see your space in the best possible light, so make sure that right before your inspection you clean thoroughly and open the windows to get air throughout the office. If this is too much work for you and your team then check out the services offered here by Ideal Cleaning. They have rolling contracts with no minimum/fixed term so you can simply use their service for as long as you need it. You can guarantee that this will make your office clean and presentable ready for your inspection.

Be Prepared For Every Eventuality

Consider every inspection your office is eligible for, then make sure that you have the processes in place to ensure you pass. For example, if your office gets a yearly fire inspection, work with a dedicated fire safety training provider so that you and your team have the skills and knowledge to stay safe in case of an emergency. This proactive approach will ensure that you’re prepared for any inspections that occur, no matter how short notice they may be.

Reduce Your Chances Of Inspection By Keeping Things Safe

Incident inspections can occur after an accident has happened, so to reduce the chances of these occurring take every step possible to keep your staff safe. Check out this guide to keeping your workplace safe and try to follow all of the steps that apply so that you reduce the number of incidents that occur in your office.

Communicate With Your Staff

Your team are working in your office every day, so they will know better than anyone how to improve safety and ensure that any inspection is completed successfully. Have regular team meetings to assess how your office safety and cleanliness can be improved so that you are always prepared for when the inspectors do arrive.

If In Doubt, Work With Dedicated Consultants

Should you feel that you and your team are not prepared for an inspection, use a dedicated health and safety consultancy firm to ensure that you are always compliant with the latest regulations and prepared for anything that the inspectors could possibly ask you. This will take the pressure off your team and leave you free to carry on with what matters most: building your business.

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